I upgraded my Kamiz precon into an infect deck. I might replace Sun Titan with Sevinne's Reclamation but otherwise don't have any more changes planned. Let me know if you have any suggestions! :)

Having played this deck enough now, I can give an overview of how it works. I'll start off by saying that Kamiz gets around one of the most common drawbacks to playing infect: speed. While most infect decks need to pop off very early and suffer more as the game goes on, this deck can easily inflict 10 poison counters in a single turn if the game goes on long enough. In general you want to try and play defensively early on, using the counters and kill spells as needed, maybe get 1-2 poison counters before popping off with a big combo. A 2/2 with infect, Snake Cult Initiation, and double strike can immediately deal 10 infect counters. There are plenty of combos that work similarly.

Kamiz's connive ability synergizes perfectly with all the proliferate spells in the deck as we can proliferate the counter she puts on the unblockable creature. This can make even the smallest of our infect creatures fairly dangerous. This deck also uses connive's discarding to its advantage with Corpse Cur, Sun Titan, Dusk / Dawn, Silverquill Command, Unburial Rites, & Victimize bringing discarded creatures back, and with Treasure Cruise exiling the graveyard for card advantage.

While far from a perfect deck, I think it's a fun one to play and doesn't really cause people to groan in the way most infect decks seem too.


Updates Add

Subbed out Windbrisk Heights for a Plains as getting 3 creatures out without being board wiped never happened with it out

Replaced Ichorclaw Myr & Mirror Entity for Sword of Truth and Justice & Contagion Engine from the Secret Lair that just came in


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