Hello all! Welcome to Vise City. This deck is focused on giving each player as many cards as they can desire. Usually playing the politic game until you draw into your win conditions and try for that spicy turn. You don't have as much of a control shell as other mono-blue decks because you are refueling your opponents' hands just as often as yours. So we add more protection and drawing power to keep up.

Since this is basically a burn deck in blue. We try to have as explosive of a turn as possible. High Tide + Mission Briefing gives us a lot of mana the longer the game goes on. With these plus any of our X draw spells, we cause everyone to draw a large mit of cards. Then with an ideal case, we lay down Viseling or Iron Maiden and watch as each player takes large amounts of damage on their upkeeps. Cudos to Black Vise for that special poke to one specific player.

Of course, we have to have our back up conditions. We have a mill everyone out stratagem with Psychic Corrosion and Blue Sun's Zenith . These seem typical with the number of cards we can draw and further deplete our opponents' libraries.

With a well-timed Windfall after our huge draw set-up, Laboratory Maniac or Psychosis Crawler become huge drops depending on when we draw and play them.

Due to the consistent nature of this deck to have a full hand of cards at all times, Kefnet the Mindfull is basically a 3 mana bomb. Spelltwine can give us options after a hefty Windfall and can set up another wheel while picking up value from other opponents' grave.


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