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Kamahl - Green Land Destruction

Commander / EDH* Land Destruction Mono-Green


After talking with lilgiantrobot it was clear a few changes would be beneficial



These need a slight explanation. They add some mid/late game power. Early game picking off one land at a time is sufficient but in a group game you need to pack a punch.

Or a combo. Less ideal but gets the job done.

As a back up Splendid Reclamation is in there in case you lose your lands in the process.

An unrelated addition is Quirion Druid . He is essentially a mini Kamahl and can provide some early game support.

I am currently in the process of revamping the land choices to help boost the decks ramp.

Long time lurker, first time poster. I thought, "How crazy would it be to make a mono green land destruction deck?"

So I found Kamahl, Fist of Krosa. The philosophy would be sit quietly, ramp, turn your friend's lands into 1/1s, blow them up and then lose all your friends.

So after a lot of looking around I came up with this. I passed on including just one mechanic (Modular, Graft, Reinforce, Proliferate and Scavange) because there were either too few cards or it meant I was relying on Triskelion/Triskelavus too much.

I decided to be heavy on ramp because the deck will be weak in late game. I wanted three options by turn 4/5. If you are fortunate drop Dingus Egg early.

- Mwonvuli Acid-Moss, Reap and Sow

- Ulvenwald Tracker, Mutant's Prey, Unnatural Aggression, Hunt Down, Prey Upon, Savage Punch, Triangle of War

- Hornet Sting, Blazing Torch, Mortarpod, Pathway Arrows, Viridian Longbow

These are the cheaper/quicker options. Ideally it's enough to slow an opponent. The next step is to cripple them.

There are a few solutions for taking out multiple lands in one go. The easiest of course is Kusari-Gama. Equip it to anything and use Kamahl to turn 3-5 lands into 1/1s then FIGHT! Now on the off chance the rules are against me there are alternatives. Kusari-Gama + Prized Unicorn or Hunt Down + Kusari-Gama or other equivalent options.

Or if you have 8 mana you can break out Setessan Tactics. For 8 mana you could easily take out 3 lands. Which is a bargain when compared to other green land destruction cards (would cost 12 - 14).

Now if you happen to survive to late game there are a few more expensive options. Endbringer, Triskelion and Triskelavus. Throw in a Hunger of the Howlpack and kill off a few more lands.

The last mechanic is pull from graveyard. This is important because there are many cheap spells to try to neuter your opponent early. So get them back and kick him while he is down.

It's not perfect. It's tough without Kamahl but it seems like it would be fun. I am certainly open to suggestions.


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