I wanted to make a 'fair' boros deck that is the right power level for my meta, and I've always been a huge fan of Boros no matter how weak it is in comparison to other color combinations in Commander/EDH.

The ways this deck wins are through commander damage, beating down everyone with all of the huge creatures, or with late game value with cards like Sunforger + Mistveil Plains , Kozilek, the Great Distortion , Sandstone Oracle , Emeria Shepherd , Endbringer and last but not least Stolen Strategy .

Key Cards and Interactions

Sunforger is a star in Boros decks, and I was eager to run a large Sunforger package in this deck as it's the first Boros deck I have made.

Here is a list of all of the Sunforger targets and why they are included:

  • Tithe : Tithe is in here for one reason, to search for Mistveil Plains . This is because Mistveil Plains allows you to recycle your Sunforger searchable instants back into your library to be used again. It's a pretty neat value engine once you get it going.
  • Teferi's Protection : This will allow you to protect yourself from board wipes and people killing you.
  • Boros Charm : This is generally used for protecting you from board wipes, although there are some situations where the other modes are useful (like using it on an opponent's commander whilst they are attacking another player).
  • Chaos Warp : Chaos Warp is a great all round removal spell that rarely backfires.
  • Comeuppance : A few people in my meta play with Battlecruiser decks/commanders, so I figured Comeuppance would be a great way to protect myself. It's also great against direct damage spells. This could be something you might want to cut depending upon your meta.
  • Lapse of Certainty : I absolutely adore this card, nobody is expecting the Boros deck to counter their game winning cobo (even if you are only delaying it), and even when people know about your counter spell they will sometimes reconsider what play they are going to make (especially while sunforger is out).
  • Orim's Thunder : Great instant speed Artifact/Enchantment removal. You are still able to use the Kicker however you have to pay an additional when it is cast.
  • Path to Exile : A great removal card for pesky creatures you don't want to see again.
  • Return to Dust : Great instant speed Artifact/Enchantment removal that you can cast at sorcery speed for more value.
  • Reverberate : Reverberate always comes up big for me, especially when big spells are cast.
  • Settle the Wreckage : In this deck wiping the board can be more detrimental to yourself than the other players due to the high CMC of the creatures, that's why I am running cards like Settle the Wreckage and Comeuppance .
  • Swords to Plowshares : Just like Path to Exile Swords is great removal card for pesky creatures you don't want to see again.
  • Wild Ricochet : Similar to Reverberate but you can choose new targets for their spell. I haven't found this as useful as Reverberate but I need to do more testing.

More Coming Soon

Any Suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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