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"Aww hell no. Not another crappy, combat-focused Boros general!" -Countless people, upon Kalemne's reveal.

Before I begin, if you're one of THEM, go. Leave the page. That is because, here, we're going to be bashing skulls to the ground.

Does she strike (har har) your fancy? Good. Because in this primer, we're going to maximize her potential as best as we can.

You'll like Kalemne if: Show

You will hate Kalemne if: Show

You made this far? Good. Join me, and together we can complete your training (with this deck). Now, how do we smash our enemies' skulls...I mean our opponents?

It's quite simple, really. However, with Kalemne's abilities, there are a number of factors that come into using the deck.

  1. Voltron: This is our main strategy. Ideally, you want to protect Kalemne and tutor up Sunforger. Why? Because, with Sunforger, Kalemne can kill an opponent in 2 hits (unblocked, of course). We still have other options for equipment though, and we have a whole selection of gear to choose from.

  2. Stompy: This is the main backup plan. Since you get an experience counter when you cast a CMC 5+ creature while Kalemne is in play, you have a failsafe if she gets too expensive. Just smash face with your big fatties. And, when you're able to recast Kalemne, revert back to Step 1, or do both Steps.

  3. Sunforger: This card is so busted here that it gets its own section. I make the argument that Kalemne is the best general to use Sunforger with. The reason being is that, despite only being limited to 2 colors, Kalemne can do serious damage while equipped and still play a controllish game.

"But wait...Kalemne is still crappy though! Why not use another general/commander?"

sigh There's no persuading you, is there? To get the lot of you to stop whining about how inferior Kalemne is, let's view our options (not an exhaustive list, btw):

-Aurelia, the Warleader: She's very powerful indeed, but Kalemne comes down 2 turns earlier and the curve works so that you can cast Kalemne, then cast Aurelia, and she'll deal 2 more damage than our sweet angel here. The lack of flying and haste hurts, yes, but remember that we got a variety of removal, too.

-Gisela, Blade of Goldnight: Gisela is also very good, but as a general, she costs a whopping 7. Casting a general that costs 3 less matters. A lot. By the time Gisela's out, if Kalemne's in play, she would've eliminated someone already (assuming the setup and her being unchecked).

-Tajic, Blade of the Legion: He requires you to go wide to do any real damage. No go.

Here are some of the other cards you can include your version the deck (Credit goes to EDHdad. Thank you. :) ). Just note, however, that this list is NOT exhaustive.

A Special Note: Like a lot of voltron decks, you can opt to use Mass Land Destruction but be sure your group is ok with it. I personally don't agree with it, and that is reflected in my card choices. However, feel free to run what you want. Just know I won't consider any MLD for this build.


Updates Add

So...Kaladesh came out. For Kalemne, this set is MEGA disappointing. Here's why: The best options would've been vehicles. Oh, wait, they aren't creatures when they're cast, so you will not get an experience counter. There's only 3 cards worthwhile. So I'll merge this review with Conspiracy 2. So you get 2 reviews in this update. Let's start with Kaladesh.

Cataclysmic Gearhulk: Tragic Arrogance on a stick is pretty good if you can abuse it. However, it won't go in my version because with the Gearhulk, they choose what cards to sac, not you. That is important to note.

Combustible Gearhulk: The only card from the set that I'll consider adding. Either you draw 3 cards, or (since most of the deck has a high CMC cost) they take a ton of damage. They pick their poison. You get an experience counter and a 6/6 first striker for your trouble.

Fateful Showdown: This is good on a budget if you can't afford Wheel of Fortune. Just watch your hand size when you cast it. It's a risky card since its power level is based on your hand size and its quality. It's a tough card to judge, but if you can't afford the OG Wheel, then go for it.

Now, for Conspiracy 2:

Before I begin, I would like to mention that the Monarch mechanic is good but it can be a trap. Remember that your opponents will be gunning you harder now that you got a source of card draw and will want it as well (Aren't monarchs greedy bastards anyway?) If you can protect it, great. If not, there's other sources of card draw.

Protector of the Crown: This is good of you're on the Giant Tribal plan. Find a way to keep him alive, and you'll be the monarch for a long time.

Skyline Despot: Not bad. You become the monarch and, if you can retain the crown, you get dragons. Not as good, but not bad either.

EDIT: Next round of fixes. Long overdue, I know, but I'm focusing elsewhere while this deck collects dust while answering questions that define me as a player.

-Boros Guildgate: Got enough mana fixing anyway.

-Winding Canyons: This hardly did anything.

-Spitebellows: I'm sad to see this go, but Combustible Gearhulk outvalues it.

-Archangel Avacyn  Flip: This was about personal taste. I didn't like the idea of having 2 legendaries of the same name in here. That and double-faced cards in the 99 irk me.

-Knollspine Dragon: This card was one I thought about removing for a good while. You will not reliably get the trigger off this guy. You have more chances with Dragon Mage in this deck than you will with Knollspine.

-Angel's Grace: It only came up once, and there was nothing graceful about it. Too situational as well.

+Strip Mine and Wasteland: Some land destruction to take out those pesky mazes.

+Thalia's Lancers: Experience counter for Kalemne, and tutors for a legendary. There are at least 7 targets. Seems good.

+Sigarda's Aid: About (insert profanity here) time I added this thing.

+Tenza, Godo's Maul: I decided to up the equipment package count by one, and this was too good to pass up.

+Combustible Gearhulk: Again, draw 3 cards, or have a very dead opponent. Abusable effect, lots of high cmc cards, and a 6/6 body makes this a fine choice.

Only Champion's Helm remains. Any ideas? I'm thinking Whispersilk Cloak but I don't know.

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