Upgraded Kalamax deck. I tried to max out efficiency with a big number of valuable instants, the possibility to copy them and get a lot of value off of cast triggers.

Manabase so far stays absolut budget, i only supplemented it with cards out of my collection!

Let me know what you think :)

out: Mind Over Matter, Strength of the Tajuru

in: Birds of Paradise, Arcane Signet

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Since i recently experienced very bad rounds with this deck, i'm looking forward to make this more like a cantrip-tribal. So first i will swap in cards like Anticipate, Dig Through Time and Visions of Beyond. I first probably will take cards like Colossification, Prowling Serpopard and Wilderness Reclamation out.


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+1 Anticipate maybe
+1 Arcane Denial maybe
+1 Clairvoyance maybe
+1 Dig Through Time maybe
+1 Dream Fracture maybe
+1 Opt maybe
+1 Peek maybe
+1 Quicken maybe
+1 Repeal maybe
+1 Shadow Rift maybe
+1 Visions of Beyond maybe
+1 Whispers of the Muse maybe