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Kaalia, reanimator combo

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I tried and failed to create a non combo multiplayer Kaalia deck, so now I will built her with a different aproach.

I still don't want to make her as a 'combo focused' deck, that is the reason I am not playing tutors (Except for Insidious Dreams).

These are my paths to win:

  1. Beating faces: In the ideal scenario I will be casting Kaalia at turn 3-4, and start attacking with value creatures such as Utvara Hellkite , Avacyn, Angel of Hope or any other valuable fatty.

  2. Resource denial: Because path #1 is magical chrismass in my playgroup and everyone focuses Kaalia from turn zero we need to develop our plan while disrupting theirs.

I run heavy hard disruption such as Necrogen Mists , Oppression and my favorite of all times Sire Of Insanity.

I also run a lot of cheap mana rocks and MLD Armageddon, Catastrophe and Crucible of Worlds

The idea is taking all the lands and cards from our opponents hands, then casting Kaalia using mana rocks and start beating faces.

3 Combo: Because I tried several builds without any combo and my winrate was always 0% and my funrate was also 0% I just gave up on the 'non-combo' list.

I packed this combos:

  1. Worldgorger Dragon + Animate Dead + some nasty ETB such as Angel of Despair or Bogardan Hellkite can win the game in the spot.

For those who doesn't know how the combo works, is like this

a. You have on the play some card like Bogardan Hellkiteb. you have Worldgorger Dragon in your graveyard because of Buried Alive, Entomb or even Insidious Dreamsc. you play Animate Dead targeting the dragon, the dragon ETBs and exiles everything including the enchant, because the enchant is no longer in play the dragon dies, and everything else ETB at the same time, so you get the Bogardan Hellkite (or other effect) then the Animate Dead ETB and you target the dragon and the cylce repeats.

For this combo is super important to have in play Grand Abolisher or have Silence in hand because it is disrupt able.

While it may seem 'mana intensive' I also packed Shivan Gorge, this is a turn 3 combo in the best case scenario, but off course it can be pulled later. these are the steps for a T3

a. Swamp + Entomb + Worldgorger Dragonb. Shivan Gorge + mana rockc. Mountain + Animate Dead

The cycle begins, all your permanents will ETB and leave infinitely, and each time they enter, they will be entering untapped, you will be using the Shivan Gorge ping ability each time to kill them all.

The third combo is card:Kiki-jikki, the mirror breaker + Restoration Angel, pretty self explanatory.

I am 'sad' because I have to play combos in this deck and I really didn't want it to, but 0% winrate and 0% fun rate is just unacceptable.

The combo cards are 'acceptable' on their own if the combo is disrupted.

Stax elements: Because I am always the focus with Kaalia I needed some stax elements to help me survive, No Mercy punish people for attacking me, Magus of the Moat is a permanent fog in most cases, the card is a bad replacement for Moat, it is here for budget restrictions only, if you have a Moat use it.

Baneslayer Angel and Kokusho, the Evening Star are here for blocking and life gaining, because we are playing the villain we will be always at low life count.

Card Draw: I am playing Read the Bones, card:Night's whispers, Underworld Connections , Faithless Looting as card draw engines, I may add Necropotence and Phyrexian Arena


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