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K´rrik, Who needs life anyway?

Commander / EDH* Mono-Black


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While there are some combos in this deck, this is not a combo focused deck, I realize that to be a cEDH it should be, bit it is not what my playgroup favors the most I tend to build it 75% or above

While reading the stats please note that sometimes one single card acts as two or more effects, I am counting Umezawa's Jitte as life gain and spot removal and Dread Presence as life gaind and card draw, so those will count for both.

I priorize versatile cards so many of my cards will serve more than one purpose

  • Card draw : 14
  • Spot reoval : 7
  • Mass removal : 3
  • Life gain : 19
  • Mana acceleration : 11
  • Tutors : 5
  • Protection : 5

Caard choices by effect

This is not a control deck, but sometimes wee may need to reset the board

  • Damnation : great deal, cheap boardwipe
  • In Garruk's Wake : pretty overcosted but for 7 mana and 2 life we can destroy not only creatures but also planeswalker we dont control, and because it is odd mana cost we can surpass nasty things such as Void Winnower
  • Mutilate : Mutilate surpasses indestructible (Ill switch it for card:toxic deluge if I have a chance)

  • Hero's Downfall : For 1 and 4 life you can destroy a pw or creature

  • Vraska's Contempt : exile is better than destroy
  • The rest of my spot removal is atached to creatures such as Overseer of the Damned or Cavalier of Night among others

    I wont be explaining the obvious choces such as Necropotence and staples for monoblack

    • Vilis, Broker of Blood : this guy is just like Griselbrand in this deck, 3 life 3 cards and also we draw cards for every other life loss we have, (and he is s 8/8 flier with removal)

    • Bolas's Citadel : with Sensei's Divining Top on the table is a draw one mana for one life, so its pretty neat, but if not it is also cadr draw at the cost of life

    • card:El of lost dreams: becayse our commander has lifelink we can rely that we will always (or almst always) will have life gain, so this is pretty solid card draw

    Promise of Power : this single card just refills our hand for the cheap if we have life to spare so it is a no brainer, the entwine cost is.. mehh, situational but is something extra

    sometimes we need to fetch that Boseiju, Who Shelters All or a iece of combo, so lets tutor for somethings

    • Expedition Map : fetches our boseiju, and other utility lands
    • Dark Petition : it is a tutor for free, I mean, it costs 3 and 4 life but gets us 3 black, so, pretty neat
    • Razaketh's Rite , it is very cheap, for 3 mana and 2 life we have a card but we can cycle it for 2 life or a black mana and draw a card

    Razaketh, the Foulblooded we can get rid of some utility dudes or zombie tokens in echange for cards, plus he is a 8/8 flyng beater with rample

    We need to get our commander as soon as we can, so we need some early cheap ramp

    we can have a Turn 1 K'rrik or T2 with a little bit of luck

    Swamp + Dark Ritual + Sol Ring (or Mana Vault ) = commander in the table T1 Swamp + sol ring or mana vault = commander at turn 2

    Black Market : creatures dies a lot, and this enchant can give us a lot of mana in the midgame

    card:Solemn simmulacrum is a card I always have in my possible cut list because of his lack of black, but ramping and drawing cards i just neat

    Bontu's Monument saves us one generic mana of the cost of our spells so, I consider it ramp

    As for win conditions I buildt this deck to be able to go in several directions and adapt to the metagame in order to not be oppressive for casual decks but to be strong against more fine tunned decks (not cEDH)

    Old school magic wincons:

    My favourite way to win is with sanguine bond and a lot of life gaining triggers, we have a lot of extort and life gain in this decks and this is a fun and strong way to win raraely perceived as unfair

    Also, we have some huge beaters, we have 7/7 and 8/8 demons and our commander can be a huge creature too, we have nasty things such as grave titan to get an army of zombies

    we have some X spells than can win us the game, such as exanguinate and torment of hailfire, a torment of hailfire for 10+ (using boiseiju) is game over early game or even at midgame

    Combo plays

    Sensei's Divining Top + Bolas's Citadel + Aetherflux Reservoir : this is a 3-card combo than can gives us a huge ammount of life and we can oneshot our opponents, I consider it a fair combo because is higly disruptable, any artifact destruction pointed at bolas's citadel will shut down our combo and we have not realy many ways to counter that

    Sanguine Bond + Exquisite Blood : another combo that is easy disrupted

    Sensei's Divining Top + card:bola's citadel + Tendrils of Agony : we can have a huge storm count with this and cast tendrils for enought to get rid of our opponents

    We have some shennanigans in the deck, not many but some good ones

    • Imp's Mischief : this is the closest thing we have to a counterspell, we can redirect a removal spell pointing our commander or any combo piece, we can reditect a counterspell to this spell and be able to resolve something we want to resolve, and a long etcetera.

    • Darkness : for 1 black mana or 2 life, we can prevent all combat damage and stop a huge crafterhoof behemoth kind of stuff, no one is especting a fog in mono black

    • Sanctum of Eternity : This is a great card, I only whish it would allow us to use the ability at any time and not only at our turn, but the good thing is that this card is alreay at our precon and the uses we have for this is pretty good, as a monoblack we dont have many chances of getting our commander free of effects like lightnify or imprisonment in the moon effects, we need our commander in the table and running


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