Started out as a aggro player, played a bit of control with mardu colors cause I hated blue at the time, still can't play a green deck other than animar to save my life. I have realized over time that I just love slinging spells, so this deck is just the natural evolution of a player. Draw cards, lots of cards, with the counterspells present meant to protect resources and the combo. Its the annoying scepter combo, but with the ability to use Ral, Izzet Viceroy or Tezzeret the Seeker to win, the march of the machines effect from tezz is not to be underestimated. This deck now has a modified twin, more turn effects, more walkers, and a way to make Kess a real threat in Conqueror's Flail . The decision to not just list the difference in the sideboard was due to the fact I wanted to see how the stats changed between the lists, and over time they will probably become more diverse.


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