Thanks to:

  • AstralCodex for elaborating the Hulk lines;

  • Wedge, Astral, Sickrobot, infiniteimoc, Beau, and the other cEDH Mentors for tuning help;

  • & Shafer for the base list.

Objective: Use Hulk or Razaketh to assemble an infinite death loop:

Alternatively, beat them to death with Elesh Norn.

Standard Pile: (0 Mana, Instant Speed)

Requires Viscera Seer , Karmic Guide , Saffi Eriksdotter , Blood Artist in deck.

Commentary: Bog standard pile, nothing to see here. This is the main draw for playing Karmic over Rector - you get an instant speed 0 mana kill off of Hulk.

Razaketh Pivot Pile: (0 Mana, Pseudo-Instant Speed)

  • Hulk -> Fetch Viscera Seer , Academy Rector , and any 1 cmc creature (henceforth, ‘dork’).

  • Sacrifice the rector to Seer -> Pattern of Rebirth and attaching it to the dork.

  • Sacrifice the dork, fetching Razaketh with the Pattern trigger.

  • Win with Razaketh.

Requires Viscera Seer, Academy Rector, Pattern of Rebirth, and Razaketh in deck. If Razaketh is in GY, Pattern can be substituted for one of Animate Dead/Dance of the Dead/Necromancy.

Commentary: This is one of the main selling points for Academy rector - this combined with the Abolisher Protected Pivot below makes spell or single-use on-board ability gy removal on hulk completely useless with B open. Your opponent either chooses to remove hulk in resp to its trigger, in which case you simply pivot, or they do not, in which case you get Grand Abolisher and completely negate their graveyard hate. As a minor bonus, this means that Torpor Orb is basically ineffective versus you.

Abolisher Protected Standard Pile: (0 Mana, Instant Speed). Needs sac outlet on board.

Requires Grand Abolisher, Rector, one of Animate Dead/Dance of the Dead/Necromancy, Karmic Guide, Saffi Eriksdotter, Blood Artist in deck. Commentary: By substituting Leonin Relic Warder for Abolisher, you can hulk through a Cursed Totem.


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