Welcome to my competitive Windgrace deck! This started as an upgrade to the pre-con and turned into a full-on lands matter powerhouse. The inclusion of expeditions for the dual lands is for ease of recognition when repeatedly searching the deck via fetchlands in its paper form, and the box-topper variants on the 2 special lands in Ancient Tomb and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth are a stylistic preference and for potential fetch recognition.


This deck's main lines of focus are to ramp lands and mana rocks/dorks, establish a card draw/value engine while keeping opponents in check with board wipes or its limited targeted removal, and either produce a ton of tokens via landfall triggers or get out some massive eldrazi titans and start terrorizing the board before they know what hit them. I've included the relevant tutors as well to help with consistency in finding those board wipes/removal spells or value engine pieces.


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