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What do we want to do??? JUND THEM ALL!!!!


I wanted to play JUND in modern, but it is a bit expensive, so i thought of building a pauper Jund deck.

Of course we don't have all the good Jund cards, Goyfs, Bobs and Lillys, but i think we can actually build a very good and competitive deck to grind out the pauper meta.

Let's start with the MAINBOARD.


This is probably one of the biggest issues of playing 3 color decks in pauper, we only have available dual lands that ETB tapped, and that can get us killed because pauper can be really fast, i'm trying to work with as few lands that ETB tapped as we can, still trying to figure out the numbers in the duals, as Evolving Wilds is 4 of for sure.


We have a couple of creatures that just seem to speak the JUND language and are mandatory to play, 4 Putrid Leech and 4 Phyrexian Rager, then we have some others that just acomplish what they are meant to do and work well with the deck but can be replaced, 4 Satyr Wayfinder is good to help us find the lands we need and leaves a body, either to chump or ping the opponent, 3 Gurmag Angler is our bigger threat and can be cast for when the game goes long, then we have a couple one of's that can be replaced with some other creatures of your liking, 1 Wickerbough Elder is a big body that can be used to kill some enchantments or artifacts game 1 while applying pressure on the board, 2 Thorn of the Black Rose is here because of the monarch, it seems to be a way to get card advantage in pauper and we might use it as well.

Non-creature spells

In this section we have 2 categories, removal and others. :D Let's start with the best part, REMOVAL, we have so many options for this, some are just must have Lightning Bolt, Terminate and Chainer's Edict, and then there are some others that we can choose depending in our taste and can be considered flex spots, right now i have 2 Tragic Slip as it can kill almost anything if a creature as already died that turn, i think we can easily make that happen, i have also Echoing Decay for decks that like to go wide with tokens. As for other spells i have a couple of cards that are mainstay in the colours that we play, Night's Whisper and Pulse of Murasa, the first is just card draw and the second is lifegain and the plus of bringing back a threat or a land from the graveyard to our hand, whatever we need the most, then i have 2 Duress and 1 Nihil Spellbomb but this can be considered flex spots and could be something else, more removal, more creature... Whatever you prefer!

As for sideboard i think we are in good shape as we have access to many great hate cards in the jund colours.


2 Ancient Grudge - good bye artifacts :D

2 Duress hello control players

3 Electrickery go wide strategies here we go

2 Nihil Spellbomb for decks that like to play with the graveyard

2 Stone Rain for tron decks

2 Funeral Charm this is something i want to try because it is very versatile, it can pump, it can kill, it can give evasiness and also disrupte the hand

2 Naturalize to get ride of some pesky enchantments like Journey to Nowhere

This is pretty much it, i know there are many other options we can be playing, if you think there are some betters cards we should be playing instead feel free to let me know and tell me why i should switch!

+1 are very much welcome along with every suggestion you may have!!!


Updates Add

This is just to mark a small update on the creatures, -1 Sultai Scavenger and -1 Wickerbough Elder to be replaced by +2 Thorn of the Black Rose.

Will start to test some new cards from Rivals of Ixalan, such as Dusk Legion Zealot and Moment of Craving.

If you think there are more cards that can fit the deck feel free to suggest them!


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