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This deck focusses on building creatures up and using spells to either hit your opponents in the face with them or just running them over. I wanted to make the deck focus 2/3 on +1/+1 tokens and the other 1/3 on creating saproling tokens as sacrifice fodder, and if need be, a mass of bodies to swing out with.

As per usual, I am indecisive and have a bunch of cards on the side and maybe board as a way to keep track of possible good or better cards to fit in.

(This deck is in early works and any recommendations are appreciated)

-Ramp (9): Cultivate Farseek Gyre Sage Ignoble Hierarch Kodama of the West Tree (Attacking) Kodama's Reach Priest of Forgotten Gods (Sacrifice) Sol Ring Ziatora, the Incinerator (Sacrifice)

-Card Draw (16): Bonders' Enclave Braids, Arisen Nightmare (Sacrifice) Colossal Majesty Diabolic Intent (Sacrifice) Garruk's Uprising Ghost Lantern (From Graveyard) Inspiring Call Journey to Eternity   (Flipped) Korvold, Fae-Cursed King (Sacrifice) Phyrexian Arena Priest of Forgotten Gods (Sacrifice) Ravenous Squirrel (Sacrifice) Skullclamp (Creature Dies) Slimefoot and Squee (From Graveyard, Sacrifice) Ziatora's Proving Ground Vampiric Rites (Sacrifice)

-Removal (15): All Will Be One Artifact Mutation Boseiju, Who Endures Braids, Arisen Nightmare (Sacrifice) Burning Anger Carnivorous Canopy Chandra's Ignition Dreadhorde Butcher (Sacrifice) Flesh / Blood Mage Slayer (Attacking) Preyseizer Dragon (Attacking) Priest of Forgotten Gods (Sacrifice) Soul's Fire Stalking Vengeance (Creature Dies) Steelbane Hydra


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