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JudgeofKrosa - Mono Black Devotion

Pioneer Devotion Mono-Black


This is the most current Mono Black Devotion list that I am playing paper at my LGS.

Mono Black Devotion is a deck that leverages incredibly strong removal spells, and high devotion creatures to work with Gray Merchant of Asphodel.


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I plan on taking this version to my locals on Tuesday, -2 Rankles, -1 Cast Down, -1 Dread Presence. +1 Swamp, +1 Grasp of Darkness, and +2 Deathless Knights.

I am really interested in seeing how Deathless Knight plays. My hope is it can harass planeswalkers effectively, help me regain pressure in grindier matchups, and of course I hope to use it to go 'infinite' by discard it to Pack Rat while Ayara is out over and over. 4 devotion isn't anything to balk at either.

Rankle has not impressed me, he has mostly been a glorified 3/3 with flying. Nightveil Specter seems to fill a better flying role, and I will probably try out at some point. Sadly I only have 1 of those at the moment.

I had a feeling 23 lands was not enough, and that has proven to be true based on all the games I have played and others have played with the deck. Classic Mono B from Theros ran 25, but I am hoping 24 will be fine. If I ran 4 underworld connections, I think I would not mind running 25. Not sure what I would cut for the 25th land though.

I just had to find my 4th Grasp to swap out the Cast Down. Cast Down is fine, but Grasp being able to kill indestructible stuff has actually been relevant. A Soulflayer without hexproof, or something that has been made indestructible with Boros Charm. Can't regenerate through it either.

Dread Presence is a card that actually almost always over performs for me, but I don't like 1 of cards in this kind of deck. I will try a build that leans more into the card later. It absolutely can crush mono red for example.


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