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Jori En 1v1 Burn/Storm

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I've fallen head-over-heels for Jori.

I am more than aware, that in competitive and casual tables, she is a fairly underwhelming general for just about any izzet deck archetype. Storm, combo, control, tempo, and draw-death can all be piloted much easier with better generals. But Jori here... I just like her.

The deck is a fairly typical izzet storm deck with a pile of cheap burn spells added. The primary goal is Mizzix's Mastery, Sphinx-Bone Wand , or Ignite Memories. With the cheap burn spells and cantrips we can use Jori to try and passively dig deeper into our deck.

After some theoretical plays i'm estimating that keeping Jori out can eventually draw me approximate 10(ish) extra cards.

Not bad for a phat-booty merfolk.

deck is in progress of pimpage - needs a foil Slight of Hand, and volcanic/tarn to replace a temporary evolving wilds+terramorphic


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