Get it? French colors and Burn at the Stake ? Oh nevermind...

I'm still trying to make Burn at the Stake win in every color combination, so here is my take on UWR.


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First game wasn't much of a game. The other guy got stuck on 2 forests and pretty much just died to my early tokens.

Game 2 was actually insane. I started with really slow mana playing out 2 Steam Vents tapped and cast a Think Twice to draw into a Glacial Fortress turn 3. His turn 4 he plays a Ghoultree for one mana with Armored Skaab on the field. I have no board presence and am forced to cast Krenko's Command to board some chump blockers. Turn 5 he attacks with 2 Armored Skaabs and a Ghoultree. I chump block the tree and take 2. I go into the next turn with Snapcaster Mage and flashback Krenko's Command. I chump block his tree again and he casts 2 Skaab Ruinators from his graveyard. I cast Increasing Devotion on my turn and then take 10 damage from his fliers, chump block his tree, and sit with 7 creatures on my side of the board, a Burn at the Stake in hand and one red source short of casting it. On my next turn before facing annihilation from Skaab Ruinators, I draw into a mountain, cast Burn at the Stake for 21 damage to close out the game.

I'm impressed with the deck so far. I'm planning on doing some more playtesting, so more updates soon!


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