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Enter the Infinite, Exit the Worldfire

Commander / EDH Suspend UR (Izzet)



Unfortunately, no one can be 'told' what this deck is. You'll have to see it for yourself.

You should play this deck if:

  • You want to compete on a optimized level

  • You want to build a deck around Enter the Infinite and Worldfire

  • You want to play multiplayer games

  • You fancy wheels and resets

  • You prefer control over creatures

  • You like a grand finale


Have you ever had that feeling of being confined, restricted within a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch? A prison for your mind?

1- Take the blue pill.

2- Find Enter the Infinite. You can tutor for it (Personal Tutor, Mystical Tutor, Solve the Equation), look for it (Dig Through Time, Impulse, Drawn from Dreams, Silundi Vision  ), or wheel into it (Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Fate, Windfall, Reforge the Soul, Time Reversal, Echo of Eons).

3- Cast Enter the Infinite. This can be done through Jhoira of the Ghitu's ability, by manipulating topdeck and casting Aminatou's Augury, or by casting from graveyard (Mizzix's Mastery). The best possible opening hand to achieve that is drawing Mana Crypt, Omniscience, Show and Tell, and a blue mana land (or rock). If Enter the Infinite is not in your opening hand, make sure you draw into some wheel as well.

4- Draw your entire deck. If Enter the Infinite was cast during your unkeep (e.g, through Jhoira of the Ghitu), you will draw the card you are required to place back on top, meaning that you won't have any cards in your deck. This is important because it determines how you will decide to win the game.

5- Ensure to have available to cast Dream Halls. If you are tapped out, play Mana Crypt, Chrome Mox imprinting a blue card (save the counterspells), Lotus Petal. Tap Mana Crypt to cast Mana Vault or Grim Monolith. Now cast Dream Halls.

6- Use Dream Halls to cast Omniscience by discarding a blue card, followed by Leyline of Anticipation for free. If you want to prevent your opponents from using Dream Halls, cast and resolve Hullbreaker Horror, then cast another spell to bounce Dream Halls back to your hand. Now you have your own library in your hand, can cast spells from your hand without playing their mana cost, and can cast spells as though they had flash.


Have you ever had a deck that you were so sure it was real? How would you know the difference between a deck, and a real deck?

7- Take the red pill.

8- You have several ways to end the game. The primary option is using Chandra, Awakened Inferno's first ability, followed by Worldfire (or have Chandra resolving after Worldfire on the stack to keep her on the battlefield once Worldfire resolves). This will exile everything on the board and hands, and get players to one life point. Your opponents will die by Chandra's emblem at the beginning of their unkeep. Notably, you just have to activate Chandra's first ability once at any time during the game to essentially transform Worldfire into a finisher.

9- If Chandra, Awakened Inferno has been exiled during the game, you can cast your creatures (Hullbreaker Horror, Malevolent Hermit  , and Rift Elemental) to finish off your opponents individually. In 1v1 games, cast any creature and respond with Worldfire. Remember point 4? If your deck has no cards, then you'll need to either:

(a) respond to worldfire with Echo of Eons or Time Reversal to reshuffle your hand. This option makes you vulnerable to any counter directed toward Worldfire once your opponents' hands are refilled, so ensure to also have Narset, Parter of Veils on the battlefield to let your opponents only draw 1 card. After the deck is shuffled and your hand is refilled, Worldfire resolves, exiling everything, followed by the creature you cast that was still on the stack. Attack next turn to deal lethal damage. This is necessary to avoid losing by drawing from an empty deck.

(b) use Jhoira of the Ghitu's ability to suspend a creature, then cast Fury Charm and Timecrafting for X=2 to have Rift Elemental entering the battlefield with haste. With the bug on still on the stack, cast Worldfire. This requires mana available for hard casting Timecrafting. Otherwise, recast Fury Charm from your graveyard with Mizzix's Mastery, avoiding any hard casting. Likewise, this option avoids drawing from an empty library.

10- If you cannot finish your opponents in the aforementioned ways, keep exploiting the flash and free casting synergy to cast cards such as Aminatou's Augury, Drawn from Dreams, Dig Through Time, and essentially all nonland permanents you can cast (plus a shuffling card, namely Echo of Eons or Time Reversal). Put everything you want (after Worldfire's resolution) on the stack, then hold priority and cast Worldfire in response, so that it resolves first on the stack. This will give you game-winning advantage over your opponents.

11- A non-lethal way to gain game-winning advantage is wheeling with Narset, Parter of Veils on the battlefield. This will minimize your opponents' advantage while putting you on a winning position.

You can swap in Hive Mind and Emrakul, the Promised End for Chandra, Awakened Inferno and Worldfire to transform the deck into a for-fun experiment with glitching possibilities. You won't really have a game-winning strategy this way, but you'll generate as much chaos as it gets, enabling all players to play their entire deck, quite literally.

1- Have a way to cast Enter the Infinite, either via the commander or through Dream Halls.

2- Once you have your deck in your hand, cast Dream Halls if you haven't already (use the 0-mana rocks to do that if you are tapped out) and then Omniscience and Leyline of Anticipation. Cast Hullbreaker Horror and then any spell (preferably a zero-mana rock) to bounce Dream Halls back in hand. This helps you preventing some interaction later on.

3- Cast Mizzix's Mastery targeting Enter the Infinite. Hold priority, and cast Hive Mind. You don't want to have hind mind triggering on Mizzix's Mastery just yet as this may allow your opponents to respond to the copies of Enter the Infinite.

4- Hive Mind resolves, then Mizzix's Mastery resolves. The card states that "For each card exiled this way, copy it, and you may cast the copy without paying its mana cost." This means that the copy is cast, meaning that Hive Mind will trigger for each player. This will effectively have all players copy Enter the Infinite. Remember that you bounced Dream Halls in hand in Step 2? This was necessary as the first player resolving Enter the Infinite may use Dream Halls to prevent other players from casting it, despite hive mind being in play.

5- Once all players have drawn their deck, cast again Dream Halls. Now each player has their whole library in hand, and may cast any spells via Dream Halls rather than paying the mana cost. You can decide to bounce back Hive Mind with Hullbreaker Horror, best via a non-sorcery, non-instant spell, if you don't want sorceries or instants cast from players being copied.

6- From now on, you decide what to do. You can either:

(a) wheel via Windfall to draw to game.

(b) cast Emrakul, the Promised End to play any of your opponent's turn. There are quite a lot of tricks you can do with it. My personal favourite is: 1. bounce Hive Mind with Hullbreaker Horror in response to the copies of Enter the Infinite being put on the stack, 2. counter the copies of Enter the Infinite of all players except the one whose next turn you want to play via Emrakul, 3. cast Emrakul, the Promised End targeting the only player who will copy enter the infinite. This will make you play one of your opponents' entire deck. You can cast Dream Halls again during the turn you control to cast all their spells from free.

(c) Pass the turn and see what other players will do. Note that you can interact at any time with a reset like Echo of Eons or Time Reversal as you cast spell via flash, and note that any spell cast will be copied by each other opponent.

(e) explore the infinite.


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