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Jeska, Beloved Fallen (1v1 voltron)

Commander / EDH Aggro Mono-Red Voltron


Jeska is actually the first general I had ever used in EDH many years ago. Her deck has changed many times as I delved into the format, and even with her aging quite poorly in comparison to today's power creep, I will always honor her by maintaining her in a deck.

This list is a strait voltron run. 20 semi-aggressive creatures, 20 equipment, and a nice set of lands + mana-rocks to get Jeska out on turn-3 with a good average.

The curve of the equipment (to cast + equip) is also set to be one mana above Jeska, so that I can cast and equip to her the following turn after she had resolved.

This formula works extremely well. Even better with a simply more powerful general. I've ran this exact setup with Olivia, Mirri the Cursed, Exava, and Ashling the Extinguisher. Mirri and Ollivia were by far the most competitive designs.

My fondness and passion for Jeska although has me keeping these cards, and the entire concept of this design, entirely dedicated to her. I simply refuse to replace her, and I refuse to make or own any other aggressive voltron build that might compete with her.

I have an older video of this deck in an earlier version listed here;



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