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Caw Blade, Jeskai edition! I was brewing pauper Caw Blade. I really, really liked the deck, but felt it needed more removal, and some sideboard resilience against go-wide decks that Holy Light wasn't satisfactory with. So... why not splash red for Skred ? Yes, I'm crazy.

Suggestions are welcome! I know three colors is wonky, and I know other decks are better, but I'm a lifelong Johnny and have to go for these crazy, rogue decks. What should change?

How's it work?

The core of the deck remains the same as any Caw Blade build. We use Squadron Hawk to tutor lots of birds, Brainstorm to put them back on top of our library, and more Hawks to shuffle and draw freely. We can also shuffle with our fetchlands and Trinket Mage . Mage can tutor for our equipment, Pyrite Spellbomb , or our artifact lands -- the mana in this deck is about as good as it gets, in 3-color pauper.

Playing lots of basics powers up Skred so we can remove Gurmag Angler and Myr Enforcer more easily.

Red also opens up some SWEET SB options.


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Testing and updating will become updated again, as I'm finding time to play online. So far, no losses in free play; beat affinity, inside out, and monowhite heroic. More to come!


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