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Jeleva's Anti Creature/ Hidden Creature

Commander / EDH UBR (Grixis)



My Chaos deck ended up being partnered with an anti-creature deck as well to ward off damage until I could play the sometimes expensive to play Chaos cards. Jeleva of course does help with the casting of these cards as you don't have to pay mana, and she doesn't have to connect, just "attack", so something grand will be cast. Once the chaos cards get going, it gets so crazy you really don't have to worry about big creatures doing you harm.

This deck of course is more for fun,

Anti Creature/ Creatures with consequences: Lethal Vapors , Breathstealer's Crypt , Spreading Plague , Pendrell Mists , Vile Consumption , Overburden , Noetic Scales , Ward of Bones

Chaos: Confusion in the Ranks , Conjured Currency , Counterbalance , Curse of Echoes , Custody Battle , Endless Whispers , Eye of the Storm , Grip of Chaos ...and others

Combos: Stranglehold and Timesifter , Mindslaver and Academy Ruins


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Starting to shift away from a total chaos deck to lots of toxic to creature cards, and because of this I have emphasized many hidden creatures that pop in and out of existence. See "Hidden Creatures" section.


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