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Thinking of getting into Modern. This is what I'm planning for my first deck of the format, keeping at a relatively low budget since I already had many of these and a majority of the cards are pretty affordable.

Basically what you would expect from a Soul Sisters engine: lots of lifegain. On top of a full playset of Ajani's Pridemate, this engine works exceedingly well with the new Ajani, Strength of the Pride, which does so much work for us: You get even more lifegain, plus you can have even more Pridemates to join in, all of which can get massively buffed every time you gain life. Ajani also has fantastic odds of using his "ult" instantly to eliminate most of your opponent's threats at the cost of exiling Ajani himself. Archangel of Thune further buffs our creatures with each lifegain, also Serra Ascendant and Felidar Sovereign both reward us for all that nice lifegain.

Use Battle Screech to give us more tokens, then later you can tap your creatures for a free Flashback for even more tokens! Between bird tokens, Hawks, Archangels, and our Ascendants, we should have ample flyers to take advantage of Sephara, Sky's Blade by reducing its mana cost, giving our creatures added protection. Winds of Abandon may not be as good at single-target removal as Path to Exile, but it also has the option of Overloading for a one-sided board wipe, albeit at the cost of giving your opponent more mana to work with. Used wisely, they likely won't have much left to cast with all those lands anyway. The rest should be self-explanatory.


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