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I don't know what to say other than the fact that I like to go fast with the deck it's a very straight forward deck. I look forward to hearing from you and getting good thoughts from you. Update: Why does it feel like the deck is going slower than before after I added Arid Mesa to it. 12/23/16 Update: (From now on I will begin putting my changes down with a date I did them.) So I removed Slith Firewalker and Wheel of Fate and put in 4 Curiosity an 2 Thing in the Ice   1 Bedlam Reveler which helps my Mesa work faster but thing an reveler slow me down so on the hunt for something better I believe I need a 3rd or 4th creature to use in the lineup but open to thoughts as always. 12/24/16 Update: I believe that the deck will go faster if I go with Take Inventory instead of Curiosity I removed Thing in the Ice   for Spellheart Chimera I'm looking at Keranos,God of storms or Bedlam Reveler will update you on results will take thoughts as always.10/31/17 Update: It's so simple cut anything that is bigger than a two drop and bam you have a good deck. Also I cut all the slow land. Put in a lot of boost spells.


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