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Izzet Prowess Wizards Aggro

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Izzet variation of mono red prowess I made a few days ago. Mono red seems really good, but keeps lacking in few aspects, which this deck aims to improve.

Just to clear any minds, this is supposed to be an aggro deck based on cantrips triggering prowess a bunch of times.

Draft 3: Bedlam Reveler proved to be a great adition for card draw. Now I'm trying out Aqueous Form instead of Unsummon to help with top-deck fixing.

Today I stumbled upon news about Takuya Ishizuki winning MagicFest Nagoya - 02/02/2020 -- 17:1 with Izzet Wizards. I had no knowledge of this before I started working on this deck and his version seems to be a lot different(he plays burn?).


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