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Izzet Prowess (M21 Pioneer)

Pioneer* Aggro Spellslinger UR (Izzet)



This is a typical aggro prowess deck. This deck wants to swing early, swing big, and put enemies into immediate defence. It can swing anywhere from 12 damage turn 3, to lethal turn 4.


Monastery Swiftspear and Sprite Dragon are the two main creatures in the deck. Haste and prowess allows for giant swings turns 3 and 4.

Stormwing Entity, as said before, is a elite card and is very easy to cast turns 3 and 4. The Scry 2 helps dig to the game ending cards and a 3/3 prowess body with flying is very good at beating opponent's down.

Thing in the Ice   is in sideboard for go-wide matchups and games that drag into mid-game/late-game. Bouncing back creatures and the 7/8 body wins games if not answered.

I am currently testing between Bedlam Reveler, Young Pyromancer and Stormchaser Mage


Temur Battle Rage and Unleash Fury are game finishers and enable a Swiftspear or Dragon to swing in for 12 damage turn 3 with Titan's Strength.

Crash Through is a cantrip that gives creatures trample. Very valuable in the deck.

Slip Through Space is quite self explanatory. Cantrip that gets free damage.

Unsummon serves the same purpose as Thing in the Ice  . Sideboard card to remove things in the way and to get Prowess triggers.


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