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Izzet garbage? Mostly.

Modern Budget Delver Tempo UR (Izzet)


Modern Izzet Delver. Pretty fucking jank list.

Help needed!!

More Black Metal Album Recommendations:

"Dead as Dreams" Weakling (RIP) - USBM from California. This is like a mid-tempo black metal band. The songs are long. This album will take your full attention. Just put it on and give up to it. It will probably take a few listens to really 'get it' but trust me if you give this some time it will really grow on you. This is the only album Weakling ever released and it is REALLY good!

"Born into a Dying World" by Welkin Dusk - USBM from Chicago. I don't know for sure but I believe this is their only release. This album is fantastic. Its raw and crusty. This album is filthy.

"Empyrean" by Mutilation Rites - USBM from NYC. CRUSTY AS FUCK. Heavy and messy. It's STUPID how good this album is. Its catchy and well produced, but not overly produced.

"Loss" by Wodensthrone - Black Metal band from England. Emotional and moving, almost spiritual in a neo-pagan sense of the word. This album is great! Its purposeful in what they say and what they play. They are dead serious about the subject matter and it shows. Its a slow tempo style of black metal album but not boring at all. The keys add this really interesting atmosphere and often times a memorable melody that will stick really with you.

"Sunbather" by Deafheaven - Black Metal/ Shoegaze from California. This albums hits hard and fast. BY FAR the best Deafheaven. This 7 track beast is emotional and not afraid to push the boundries of it actually being "black metal". It exists on its own terms and they don't give a fuck that its not "grim" or "necro" or whatever. I don't care if this band is popular or "trendy" or "not real black metal". This album is a fucking masterpiece. Just listen to it.


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