Hello Fellow Planeswalkers! Today I am showcasing my very first Pauper deck. And I know, I know, EVERYONE plays Delver. I actually happen to play and main a Modern Izzet Wizards Delver deck, 12-Bolt Wizards, so I have high appreciation for the Human/Insect hybrid. This time, however, I decided to gear my deck for control since there are just so many good options to make it work!

  • Delver of Secrets   is an obvious choice for a deck full of spells. He can be a wincon and people just really love to hate it.

  • card:Faerie Faerie Seer is a really good 1-drop with flying and library filtering. The main reason for running it, however, is the next creature on the list!

  • Spellstutter Sprite is one of the most amazing commons ever printed. A 1/1 flying body that counters spells is absolutely absurd and synergizes well with the other Faerie we run.

  • Ninja of the Deep Hours works super cool in this deck. If we're able to get beats in with our Faeries, he can come in with his own beats! Not only that, he returns our Faeries to our hand for us to abuse even further.

  • Ponder, Brainstorm and Gush are our cantrips. I find that these work best with Delver and I also just like using them. I remember a time before Modern, I used these spells a ton!

  • Counterspell, an old classic. The card that literally got me into the game as a child. "I can play a card that just tells my foes no? I NEED to play this game!" - 10-year-old DMFF.

  • Daze is a really effective "free" counterspell that can really save our butts!

  • Snap is a super nifty card. It's great for temporary removal in a pinch. This also could be used to return a Spellstutter Sprite to our hand as well as granting us the mana to play it!

  • Lightning Bolt is always a classic and amazing card. 3 damage to any target is always good for one mana.

  • I am utilizing Snow Lands in this deck for Skred. This makes removing larger creatures a ton easier.

  • Last, but certainly not least, Kaervek's Torch is an old friend I used to play in my second deck ever. It's a nice wincon and has a counter-deterrent attached to it! This alone can put me at an advantage in mirror matches.

  • Building this deck brought me back to my childhood. A TON of these commons were cards that I tooled around with in the early 2000's. This deck feels to me like an accumulation of all of my time playing Magic as a child, a teen and finally an adult. I felt so nostalgic building it and it's a total blast to play!


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