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This deck is bananas. It's based off a Guttersnipe / Goblin Electromancer shell and absolutely abuses Runaway Steam-Kin. Almost every spell is red and an instant, so you constantly play on your terms and regularly get value from Runaway Steam-Kin. Risk Factor really plays as a 4 damage burn for 3 (or 2, or 1 depending on Elecromancer status), and pity the poor soul who actually gives you the three card draw.

Once Experimental Frenzy is online, the only thing stopping you is the occasional land clump (remember, you can play lands off your deck, so hold off on the land drop!). This card is why it's called Izzet Christmas, because it feels like you get all the presents :)

Murmuring Mystic does a wonderful job in this deck stabilizing, and giving you free fliers as you go about you busy Izzet business.

Note: I have only played the main-board for this deck so far, still working on the sideboard. Advice encouraged!


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