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It's Raining Metal!! - Kykar Budget EDH

Commander / EDH* Artifact Budget RUW (Jeskai, America) Storm


Artifact Storm has a new toy to play with, and it's Kykar, Wind's Fury . Personally, I feel like the 3 most powerful artifact storm commanders are Urza , Kykar , and Jhoira , each for different reasons. Because Urza is so ungodly expensive and Jhoira has enjoyed a long time in the spotlight, I think it's time to let Kykar shine as a powerful artifact storm commander that provides constant mana and adds white to the archetype. So, without further adieu, presented here is a guide to building budget artifact storm Kykar.

Why Budget?

I prefer to build budget for a multitude of reasons. First off, it gives the chance for anybody to play EDH, no matter their financial status or willingness to invest in Magic cards. Secondly, it provides a fun restriction and allows for creative deckbuilding - applying a budget restriction makes for more interesting deckbuilding (in my opinion) and allows for usually unplayed cards to enjoy a moment in the EDH spotlight, even though they may have initially been brushed off as bad in the format. Lastly, budget decks can usually find a good spot in most metas, because they typically fall in the "focused" category of EDH decks. This makes them more available to adapt to most metas - in a more casual meta they may be powerful, but because they are built within a budget they usually won't dominate a game, and in a more competitive meta they may have a tough time, but if built correctly they can still hold their own and even have a chance to win.

So what is our budget exactly? The goal of this deck is to create a powerful, fun deck with a $25 budget, excluding the cost of our commander.

What is Artifact Storm?

Most people who play Magic are aware of a broken mechanic printed relatively early in Magic's history called "storm". If a spell has the keyword "storm", when you cast that spell, copy it for each spell cast before it this turn. This mechanic is arguably the most powerful mechanic ever printed in all of Magic (honorable mention to "dredge"), and has even created it's own Modern archetype. The goal of the Modern deck Storm is to cast as many spells as possible, using spells that generate mana called "rituals", and then cast a spell with storm, usually Empty the Warrens or Grapeshot . Unfortunately, these spells don't really cut it in EDH, and neither does regular Storm in general, simply because it's incredibly hard to hit the critical mass of rituals needed due to the large size of EDH decks. However, there is an alternative. Enter, Artifact Storm. Using artifacts that generate mana and replace themselves, you can dig through your deck and cast as many artifacts as possible, and due to the fact that Kykar provides us a one mana rebate on all artifacts, we can simply churn through our deck until we hit one of our wincons, and use that to annihilate our opponents. This deck in particular also takes advantage of another popular modern archetype known as "Eggs", in which you dig through your deck using artifacts that you sacrifice. Combine these two Modern archetypes and voila! Artifact storm, a fast, fun, and aggressive EDH deck where your friends can watch you play solitaire for 10 minutes before they scoop!

Breakdown by Category:

These spells are the real meat and potatoes of our deck. These artifacts replace themselves, and often provide some mana in doing so, which allows us to keep digging through our deck while we generate spirits with Kykar and slowly increase our storm count. I called this category "Cantrifacts" because it's a neat combination of "cantrips" and "artifacts". Nah, I lied. The real reason is because I'm a huge dork.
Efficient, budget mana rocks are the name of the game. If it's not an efficient mana rock/dork, it's a cost reducer for all of our artifacts, or it helps fix our mana by grabbing us lands.
Either it gives us card draw, card selection, or it gives us a huge advantage over our opponents. These 9 cards really make this deck, and our goal is to dig through the deck and grab these so that we can increase the efficiency of our artifact engine.
With our commander and one of our value-producing cards out on the field, it actually makes sense for us to bounce our artifacts back to our hand. With our cost-reducers out on the battlefield, this can allow us to replay all our artifacts again, generating us more mana, more cards, and more opportunities to draw into a wincon.
This category is for dealing with our opponents threats. Either we remove their threats on the stack with counterspells, or we remove their threats on the battlefield.
Zero-cost artifacts, or "Cheerios", can give us a huge advantage with Kykar because they essentially add one red mana to our mana pool with each cast. We're not running too many of them because we still want them to do something, even if that something is just "be indestructible" or hose a player's graveyard.
All 3 of these mages help grab us a card, so they essentially replace themselves, but not with just anything, but with something we really want. Some common targets are

Trinket Mage - Tormod's Crypt for yard hate, Codex Shredder for recursion, Scrabbling Claws for yard hate, Elixir of Immortality to stop us from milling ourselves, or any of our cantripping artifacts.

Tribute Mage - Etherium Sculptor to reduce the cost of our artifacts.

Trophy Mage - Foundry Inspector to reduce the cost of our artifacts, Golem Foundry to close out the game.

It's only one card but it's a good one, because it helps us from killing ourselves with the sheer amount of cards we churn through.
Lands - Other than Evolving Wilds , Terramorphic Expanse , and Mystic Monastery they all enter untapped because of the sheer amount of fixing we run in the form of artifacts like Traveller's Amulet.
Diligent Excavator - This one's honestly just me trying out something new, because I've never seen it in any artifact storm builds and I think it could be a cool way to end the game.

Golem Foundry - We can just storm the board with golems and smash our opponents' faces - not the most interesting wincon but it closes out the game regardless.

Temporal Fissure - This one can be used to bounce our own stuff for more value, or if the storm count is high enough, we can just bounce ALL of our opponents' permaments (including lands) and then just repeatedly beat them over and over again with Kykar and all of our dorks until the game is over. Again, not the most interesting wincon but it closes out the game.


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