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enter image description hereThis is currently the deck i'm trying my hardest to get to work in the new standard format.

Goal of the deck:

The idea is to control the early game with Mausoleum Wanderer, Spell Queller, Reflector Mage, and all your Instant and Sorcery's. Delaying your opponent turns with taps and bounces, countering key spells (after possibly bouncing them the turn or 2 before), and getting in with flying when you can. Then once you hit turn 7 and after drop a Sphinx of the Final Word to finish them off.

Keys to making this work:

Try to save your mana to play your spells on your opponents turn. Most of our spells are reactive, no sense in wasting them early.

Watch out for Spell Queller swings. As amazing as the card is, if you can't protect it you might not want to play it. Better to wait and possibly bounce later so you can Spell Queller when it's safer.

Don't be afraid to use Essence Flux on Reflector Mage, getting an additional bounce is still really good even if you don't get the counters.


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