Before I go into further detail about my deck, I want to defer you to this retired primer that served as the inspiration to make this deck and take it further:

It's been a few since I first constructed this deck, in the beginning the deck looked a lot like an amalgamation of the deck in that link allowing with the suggestions from people who replied to that thread. Over the years, however, I've made significant changes to tighten the deck's focus on Equipment Voltron while trying to counterbalance Mono-White's inherent lack of card drawing.

As it stands now, alot of the cards in this deck are set in stone so a VERY strong argument would have to be made to justify removing a bulk of these cards in favor of others. Even removing something as simple as Winter Orb changes the deck's strategy substantially, as such it's become increasingly difficult to make changes to the deck as new cards become introduced.

This is where the sideboard comes in. Up until now I've largely ignored the allowed 10 card side board for EDH, comfortable that my decks were capable of handling most of what comes at them. With Isamaru being such a tightly focused deck that hinges on a lot of key cards, the only solution was to make a sideboard for it.

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