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Investigate Mill - 25$ (post rot)

Standard Budget Control Mill Mono-Blue Tempo



I've made this deck to be legal post rotation.

The list has changed wildly since my last update since about 40% of the cards rotated out, and others still in dragons such as Living Lore had less use.

The newest and best synergy is Sphinx's Tutelage & Forgotten Creation. You can get a ton of Tutelage triggers or fish it out of your deck.

The Stitched Mangler s have a few simple reasons to run them. They are decent bodies, they tap things well, and they are zombies for Compelling Deterrence which is incredibly strong at instant speed. They are also a 3 drop creature, and this deck runs a single set of 2, 3, & 4 drops.

I decided to swap out the 4 Palace Familiar s for Erdwal Illuminators. They are better bodies, and I really wanted to incorporate investigate into the deck. Curving into a Fleeting Memories on turn 3 is ideal. They're also the reason why I decided to run Press for Answers a particularly slow and mediocre card. But doubling up investigate, and causing clue sacrificing to mill on top of card draw causing mill, makes it very strong.

Grip of the Roil is just a solid upgrade from Crippling Chill

Turn to Frog is one of my favourite blue cards right now. It's a combat trick people just aren't expecting from blue. And since the list now runs 12 creatures, you can set up easy removal.

As for other cards I've considered but didn't chose to use; Trail of Evidence very cool card, but just far too slow and honestly this deck has more than enough investigate. Vessel of Paramnesia though it does the things we want it to, it just has no other utility to it. Anticipate love the card, but it doesn't count as card draw. Anchor to Aether also love this card, but not instant speed and on top isn't the best. Send to Sleep Good card, takes too much time for value considering now this deck runs a ton more enchantments / creatures.

If you have a Jace, Unraveler of Secrets, by all means, swap it in exchange of Pore Over the Pages.

Matter Reshaper could be an interesting card here, with 20 permanents that are cmc 3 or less (Including 4x Matter Reshapers), you could get some solid value out of them against the right deck. Though they don't trigger Tutelage.


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