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Intruder Alarm (Steward/Orchard)

Modern Infinite Combo WUB (Esper)



A short history on this deck, I started formulating the idea back in 2017 when Hour of Devastation came out. I overheard some people talking about infinite combo potential with Steward of Solidarity , and reaching into my card collection, I stumbled across my old Intruder Alarm s, and began piecing together a deck. The original list was a Jeskai build that was unreliable and ran cards like Mass Hysteria and Krenko, Mob Boss , but it performed horribly and was susceptible to a lot of other deck lists.

Now, while this deck is still a work-in-progress, it's much more reliable and can go off on Turn 3 if you've got the perfect setup. I'm still looking for optimal ways to snag combo pieces (like with Tolaria West and other tutors), protect my combo pieces, and to survive into a later game, but its overall chances have been pretty good so far despite what it lacks. Feedback is appreciated, as always.


The deck has several win conditions that revolve around its staple, Intruder Alarm , though it can scrape together a recovery and/or a win without needing it. All of these combos seek to go off on Turn 3 at the earliest.

The first setup is the simple combo of Intruder Alarm + Steward of Solidarity , creating an army of tokens to beat down your opponent in the next turn. The combo is rather self explanatory, with Steward creating a token, Alarm triggers and untaps Steward, rinse, repeat.

The second setup requires a little more cards, utilizing Forbidden Orchard + Intruder Alarm + Wind Zendikon and Trespasser's Curse . First, you'll want Curse on your opponent, with Alarm in play, and then you can enchant Orchard with Zendikon, allowing you to tap Orchard and give your opponent a token, which drains them, and then Alarm triggers and untaps Orchard, since Zendikon turns it into a creature. Rinse and repeat. If you don't have Trespasser's Curse , you can alternatively generate infinite mana with Forbidden Orchard + Intruder Alarm + Wind Zendikon and then cast Blue Sun's Zenith , forcing your opponent to draw their whole deck. You can also use this to net yourself any number of cards so you can assemble the combo above instead.

If your combos fail to come together, you can still stand a fighting chance most of the time with the life gain through Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant , and beat down with Sun Titan .



  • Drift of Phantasms I could see being added over Zur or even Expedition Map , with the Transmute being able to fetch Intruder Alarm instantly.
  • Idyllic Tutor is obviously guaranteed enchantment tutoring, but it's debatable how good it would be in the deck as the enchantment still has to be cast, leaving it vulnerable to a counter, whereas Zur the Enchanter can bring the enchantment directly into play, given that he survives long enough to attack. This one is a tough call, and the two cards could potentially be played in tandem.
  • Thraben Doomsayer is run by several other Intruder Alarm combo lists, and it functions similarly to Steward of Solidarity and would make for an additional combo piece in the deck, but its 3 CMC seems like a pretty hefty penalty to take. I could see two in the deck at most.
  • Remand over Mana Leak ?
  • Altar of the Brood for a mill wincon?

Additionally, I still need to acquire an appropriate land base with Flooded Strand and Hallowed Fountain , and a single Tolaria West seems like a must-have over Expedition Map , while an extra Supreme Verdict in the sideboard is necessary.


Updates Add

Removed Ancestral Vision and a single Serum Visions to move Oblivion Ring into the mainboard. Removed Damping Sphere and added Thoughtseize and Surgical Extraction to the sideboard.


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