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A deck to scratch that semi-competitive itch, as well as that deep Vorthros flavour itch (a constant nagging factor that has a disproportionate influence on how long I tend to play a particular deck for) - that being said, preliminary play-testing confirms this deck is a ton of fun to pilot, feels well-oiled due to all the card draw and ramp, and oozes with thematic unity and narrative. Without a doubt provides that feeling of (not so) slow growth as your lay your seeds and watch your saproling armies sprout from the soils and mulch fertilized by the bodies of your enemies, only to grow so out-of-control that your adversaries are suffocated in a sea of green.

The main angle of the deck is to spill your seed across the board, amassing as many saprolings as you can, and then using them to either fuel your other engines and abilities, or whittle your opponents away with the aid of Slimefoot and his aristocrat colleagues. This deck really leans into the whole 'creature tokens as fuel, not as massive attacking force' angle, which tends to be my favourite for token decks since it's satisfying to fit pieces of a puzzle together as opposed to simply running bodies at your enemies.

I mainly post my decks up here for my own sake, but I'm glad to heard any feedback on the list! Thanks for checking it out ~

P.S. Fungus is actually fucking wild: https://youtu.be/9xKeJyvnuWs


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