Any chance I can win a lawsuit against wizards of the coast for making me attracted to dragons in a weird way?

The lights are dim. The light smell of smoke gets increasingly more noticeable as you approach the Major Table. Just you, the Council Representative, and your commander deck, Shadrix, the Elder Dragon. Three other members are already waiting for you, with their cards spread out and their cigars hanging low. As you sit and light your own, the following words can be heard from you, in a tired, almost lazy and sore tone:

"Good evening gentlemen. I'm sure we are all eager to start today's Council Reunion and I excpect no more from my fellow Council members than the usual: Keep savagery at bay, and all shall be rewarded equally."

I created this deck with the constant image in my head of a deck that could instigate my opponents to help each other further in their pursue to cut down those who tried to outstand. Not necessairily a control deck: A political deck. Maybe even slightly over-friendly in what you may approximate to group-hug theme. Answers, however, must exist in plenitude here or otherwise this deck's power of negotiation wouldn't be as effective.

I have built complex decks before, but perhaps none of them beat the complexity of playing mostly with politics rather than the game itself.


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