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Infinite shapeshifter (( Needs help/Edh Brew))

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Trying to make Changeling shapeshifter tribal deck edh deck

The combo I want to use goes like this Have a static +1+1 to creatures like with Grand Architect then put out Clever Impersonator as a 1/1 Cleverl Impersonator Then Followed Footsteps and Helm of the Host to put out tokens of him which enter as any nonland permanent, which aside from its obvious use, you can recreate the loop as much as possible. Mirror Gallery to have as many legends. Then finally Peregrine Drake and Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage to infinite mana populate those tokens.

I need help mana wise for my first five color no clue how to balance it

The extra stuff in side board and maybe are tribal things I may sub later


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