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Infinite Energy: Ramos PMM

Commander / EDH Energy Theme/Gimmick


PMM: Perpetual Motion Machine - A Machine that can theoretically sustain itself indefinitely. Perhaps even able to make infinite energy all by itself... Now, that might not always be the case in this deck, I kinda like the idea of trying to make as much energy as possible... Maybe even infinite energy!

Once upon a time, I made a four-color Energy Deck helmed by the infamous Atraxa, Praetors' Voice. It was fun, it was cool, it was... not the greatest in the world, but it was still fun. Thanks to Modern Horizons 3, and the Fallout Commander set before it, we've gotten plenty of new energy cards(Specifically in red, white, and blue). I truly wanted a 5-color Energy commander, but we didn't get one.

Well, I'm tired of waiting!!! Here it is, a Five-Color Energy EDH deck! Helmed by Ramos, Dragon Engine until I get a better alternative. (Plus Dragon Engine sounds like a cool commander to fit for an energy deck)

Please, let me know about any thoughts or suggestions for the deck!


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+1 Aether Hub main
+1 Aether Refinery main
+1 Aether Revolt main
+1 Aether Spike main
+1 Aethergeode Miner main
+1 Aethersquall Ancient main
+1 Aetherstorm Roc main
+1 Aetherwind Basker main
+1 Aetherworks Marvel main
+1 Amped Raptor main
+1 Arcane Signet main
+1 Architect of the Untamed main
+1 Assassin's Trophy main
+1 Atraxa, Praetors' Voice main
+1 Attune with Aether main
+1 Aurora Shifter main
+1 Bala Ged Recovery  Flip main
+1 Blood Cryptfoil main
+1 Bojuka Bog main
+1 Breeding Poolfoil main
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