Infect is dirty, but since it's a new niche in standard, I decided to build it for laughs and possibly some wins.

In general, this plays as a Golgari Midrange for the most part. A good amount of removal and "beefy" bois to close out a game.

The main difference is Fynn, the Fangbearer , he gives all of my Deathtouch creatures (which is all of them) Poisonous 2, which can add up quickly and win games on a faster clock than reducing the normal 20 life, lessening the amount of time for our opponent to wiggle out.

My sideboard is crafted to take on Koma, Cosmos Serpent and other control decks. The main-board is already well-suited to handle other aggro or midrange strategies.

Tournament Records:

3-Rounds, Overall got 1st Place: 3-0

Round 1: Won 2-0 vs. MonoU Mill

Round 2: Won 2-0 vs. Naya Landfall

Round 3: Won 2-0 vs. UB Control


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