*Updated: September, 2021*

Budget casual upgraded Draconic Rage precon featuring Vrondiss, Rage of Ancients with infinite enrage combos. In the decklist the expensive price card upgrades are tagged with "S". None of these cards are required, they could all be cut for less expensive price cards. Doing so would cut $73 from Card Kingdom total deck price.


What the Precon Wants on a Budget


Draconic Rage lacks ways to make Vrondiss indestructible since then he can take infinite damage to enrage. By adding just one card that can make Vrondiss indestructible then the precon has a win condition combo of Scourge of Valkas + Outpost Siege or Warstorm Surge. Anara, Wolvid Familiar and Tyrite Sanctum can give him repeatable indestructible. Roar of Challenge, Blizzard Brawl with Snow-Covered basic lands and Withstand Death are ways until end of turn.

Draconic Rage actually has plenty of ways to do repeatable damage to Vrondiss, but Staff of Nin can be repeatable damage even at instant speed and repeatable draw. Some more powerful damage wipes could be included such as Rolling Earthquake and Blasphemous Act. What's missing in the precon is one of the best interactions which is able to sac the Spirit Dragon after it does damage and it's sac trigger is on the stack. Greater Good is sac a Spirit Dragon to draw 5 cards. Goblin Bombardment can sac a Spirit Dragon to do 1 damage to Vrondiss to create another Spirit Dragon or trigger other enrage such as from Ripjaw Raptor.

The amount of ramp in Draconic Rage is high for a precon with 10 sources. This amount is fine, but I like more ramp when playing green such as Farseek and Tireless Provisioner. The precon has three playable repeatable draw sources Garruk's Uprising, Dragonborn Champion and Dragon's Hoard, but I don't think this is enough. Return of the Wildspeaker and Rishkar's Expertise can be a nice burst of draw especially with Klauth, Unrivaled Ancient and Vrondiss starting with 5 power is helpful. More repeatable draw sources are wanted that have interaction with the theme of the precon, from creating a Spirit Dragon (Garruk's Packleader), sacing a Spirit Dragon (Greater Good) or from enrage (Ripjaw Raptor).

Enrage Combos

When Vrondiss is indestructible from Hammer of Nazahn/Heroic Intervention/Blizzard Brawl/Anara, Wolvid Familiar/Roar of Challenge/Withstand Death/Tyrite Sanctum then (Scourge of Valkas + Dragon Tempest) or (Scourge of Valkas/Dragon Tempest + Goblin Bombardment/Outpost Siege/Impact Tremors) can create infinite Spirit Dragons and do infinite damage to each opponent when any source does damage to Vrondiss or I sac another creature I control with Bombardment to do 1 damage to Vrondiss. All these cards are interchangeable to make the combo.

Vrondiss who's indestructible + Scourge of Valkas/Dragon Tempest with any source that does damage to Vrondiss or Goblin Bombardment + any other creature to sac to do 1 damage to Vrondiss creates infinite Spirit Dragons.



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