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Many layers of Wizards shenanigans.

looking at many ways of working through Dual Caster mage, Paradox Engine and Buried alive piles. We are having some fun here.

Primary Combo - Buried Alive + Bloodline Necromancer + Viscera Seer + Pawn of Ulamog + any reanimation effect and one additional mana. Reanimate Bloodline Necromancer, stack Inalla's trigger below Bloodline Necromancer's trigger, target Viscera Seer, resolve trigger, sacrifice Bloodline Necromancer to Viscera Seer, then resolve the Inalla trigger. Put a token Necromancer into play, target the original Necromancer in the graveyard. Stack Necromancer's trigger above the Inalla trigger. Target Pawn of Ulamog with the Necromancer trigger. Resolve Necromancer trigger. Return the Pawn of Ulamog to play, sacrifice the Bloodline Necromancer, and put an Eldrazi Spawn token into play. Sacrifice the eldrazi spawn to itself to get 1 mana, pay the mana into Inalla trigger to create a token Necromancer, target the original Bloodline Necromancer in the graveyard. You may now loop Bloodline Necromancers as mana neutral, putting a hasting 3/2 into play and resurrecting an additional wizard or vampire every loop.

Dualcaster mage loop. Requires a Dualcaster Mage in hand and a to-hand tutor on the stack and a 5RRUU. If a Nightscape Familiar is in play, it will cost a total of 3RRUU. Cast dualcaster mage, stack inalla below Dualcaster Mage's trigger, target the to-hand tutor with Dualcaster. Resolve dualcaster and copied spell, get a Ghostly Flicker. Resolve Inalla's trigger, target the to-hand tutor. Resolve the to-hand tutor. Get Essence Flux with the tutor. Cast Ghostly Flicker, targeting Dualcaster mage and a land with Ghostly Flicker. In response to Ghostly Flicker, cast Essence Flux targeting dualcaster.

From here, you are in a loopable state. You flicker Dualcaster, stack the Inalla trigger below Dualcaster's ETB and target the Ghostly flicker with the ETB. Resolve Ghostly Flicker and flicker a Land and Dualcaster. Stack Inalla's ETB below Dualcaster, tap the flickered land for mana and target ghostly flicker with Dualcaster.

Each loop generates an Inalla trigger and +1 mana. If you have a mana rock that taps for more than 1, substitute that instead and you will then be able to generate more than 1 mana per loop. Once you have sufficient mana (short cut the loop to get unbounded mana - the minimum number is the total number of your opponent's life total, rounded up to the nearest multiple of 5), move on to the next step. Next step is to target the to-hand tutor with the dualcaster ETB. Get a Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir. Cast Teferi, then Cast Inalla from the command zone, with flash granted by Teferi, then start resolving your Inalla triggers. You get free tutors or ghostly flickers for all the way down the stack. Then tap dualcasters, in groups of 5 to Inalla's second ability, and drain out your opponents.

Flash + Magus of the Mind. This is just more on the cute side of things. But it can be a major tempo play that gets you a Mind's Desire for 2UU. Note that all spells on Magus are restricted to standard timing restrictions, so be careful doing this on someone else's turn. Only do it in an emergency. Once a solid storm count is built, cast flash, put in the Magus, do not pay for it, but then pay the 1 for the Inalla trigger. put in a magus with haste, sacrifice it for U and then Mind's Desire away.

Previous iterations of the deck used Mesmeric Orb and Fatesticher to mill yourself out, this gets you bodies to sacrifice to a dread return and then start the whole bloodline necromancer loop all over again. When I return to this deck, the mesmeric orb package is most likely coming back in, in repsonse to the Paradox Engine ban.

With a to-hand tutor


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