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Mono-white that plays less like white and feels more at home with black/red.

The deck usually flies under the radar however due to the public perception on mono-white decks, allowing you to build up your recursion engines through the multitude of highly efficient mono-white creature tutor effects like Ranger-Captain of Eos and Recruiter of the Guard . By carefully using these to stall the game out and knowing the right CMC to destroy on the board to set your opponents back, you can push back some of mono-white's weaknesses and climb over the hill.

Once you've gotten some of the pieces out, recursion engines like Angel of Flight Alabaster become valuable assets and allow hard locks on the game. As an example, Ugin's Conjurant cast at 0 is a land destruction engine that allows you to cast Armageddon every turn for 0.

In order to remain effective throughout the game, the deck relies on Scroll Rack and ways to constantly fill out one's hand with land. Land Tax and Boreas Charger allows one to fill one's hand to throw at the scroll rack. If Land Tax doesn't give you the free shuffle you need prior to the draw step, cracking one of the many fetchlands to reset the top of the deck and keep a constant influx of new cards on the top means you're more likely to draw into answers as you dig through your deck as a fast pace.

The unfortunate aspect of the deck is that it doesn't hold up to any combo deck and only really functions in slower metas. As such, I wouldn't recommended running this deck against fully optimized infinite combo decks that win turn 3 but if you're looking for a fun challenge against your friends then I"d wholeheartedly recommend trying it out.


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