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In Mists Lain Thick, Monsters Reign

Commander / EDH Aggro Enchantment RGW (Naya) Voltron



"Don't go out there! There's something in the mist!"

This is my attempt at an Uril, the Miststalker voltron deck. Naturally, since we're playing Uril, the deck is going to be heavily enchantment-focused in order to maximize our commander's effectiveness in combat. So, come along and brave the mist, for many enigmas walk amongst it!

Uril is an interesting creature, as he has the passive ability of gaining +2/+2 for each aura attached to him. On the surface, this may sound a little underwhelming, but in the context of commander there is large potential to create an extremely dangerous entity relatively quickly with an enchantment-based theme. With small and cheap auras early that provide just enough protection early-game, we can throw hay-makers around the board while leading up to mid-game, in which more expensive, but more powerful auras combine effects to make Uril nigh-unkillable.

  • Ethereal Armor acts like a discount Uril passive, but counts for all enchantments we currently control, and even gives first strike, all for the sweet, sweet cost of .

  • Good ol' Rancor does its usual thing of getting Uril pissed over and over and over again with an exile being required to truly get rid of it.

  • Exoskeletal Armor is a decent response to graveyard-filling strategies. The more they kill, the more Uril grows!

  • Unquestioned Authority lets Uril plow through opposing creatures to hit face. Good for those pesky token decks!

  • Gift of Immortality gives our commander a few 1-Ups, assuming our enemies don't off him before the next-end-step trigger.

  • Entangler turns Uril into a formidable defender for when the need arises, especially when paired with an Indestructibility to make sure he survives the incoming damage.

  • Spectra Ward gives a sizable buff, along with protection from all colors - talk about annoying...

Sometimes, a good general needs a little help. That's why we've got a selection of supreme supporting creatures to back up Uril in his campaign of destruction. Board control, extra passive commander buffs, more keyword abilities, you name it - some additional bodies to help out can make the difference between just scraping by and a flaring lead.

  • Adarkar Valkyrie can save Uril from a fatal blow with a timely tap. Adding an Indestructibility to Adarkar Valkyrie can make for a hard-to-kill and useful saving grace for our commander.

  • Avacyn, Angel of Hope is an ungodly useful lieutenant...I imagine her usefulness explains itself. Everything of ours is indestructible? Hell yeah!

  • As if Uril couldn't get any beefier, we have Xenagos, God of Revels to aid us in our smash fest. Doubling our commander's stats at the beginning of each of our upkeeps will make our attacks clear the board out that much quicker, as well as keep him from getting burnt to death any time soon.

  • Iroas, God of Victory makes Uril harder to defeat in combat, which is extremely important in the early game, making Iroas' mana cost of very appealing.

  • Linvala, Keeper of Silence silences the activatables of opponent's creatures. Despite Uril already having hexproof from the get go, there are still some nasty combos and standalone abilities like Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker‘s that would be nice to avoid.

  • Fountain Watch gives both our enchantments and artifacts protection from spells, which is simply essential to the continued strength of our commander through on into the late game. The downside to this card over a Sterling Grove is that its a creature, which seems to make it an easier target than an enchantment, but again, Fountain Watch gives protection to pretty much everything we will be attaching to Uril, so the likelihood of Watch's destruction is a risk we're going to have to take for the level of value that they bring to the table.

  • Any good voltron deck needs some good equipment. Most give plain old buffs, but running some equips with special abilities can help to avoid or otherwise nullify threats, amplify damage, and overall make our commander more badass.

  • Basilisk Collar is a solid piece of loot that converts Uril into a pseudo Wurmcoil Engine for an easy equip cost of , and an even easier casting cost of .

  • Helm of the Gods is a great synergizer for this deck, since it acts as a backup Ethereal Armor (sans the first strike). A cheap and easy casting/equipping cost of makes this fancy helmet a greatly important addition to Uril’s armaments.

  • Hero's Blade is a decent and simple buff provider that can get slotted onto our commander for free if we have it on the board before unleashing the Miststalker.

  • Mage Slayer is a pretty crazy weapon that suits Uril well. The rulings state that, when an attack is allowed to resolve with Mage Slayer equipped, the equipped creature's full damage is flung at our target opponent before true combat damage is dealt. That means that any blockers and/or combat-damage-negating effects (I'm looking at you Guard Gomazoa) are undermined while our commander wields this sweet sword. The slight drawback is the casting cost being colored, which is unorthadox for most equipment, but the value is worth it.

  • Having covered auras, armaments, and army members, the last few things we need are answers. How do we defend against boardwipes? How do we effectively protect the creatures we control other than Uril? How the hey are we going to deal with token decks while commanding only a single creature most of the time? These cards will attempt to give us answers to those questions.

    • We're going to need more than a single board wipe in this deck. Most of the time, we will only have Uril as our sole creature, making us vulnerable to swarm tactics. Even with Entangler, if a player has some sort of mass-landwalking ability (Eladamri, Lord of Leaves for example), unblockable abilities, or a Bedlam, we're going to be a sitting duck. Wrath of God and Winds of Rath can get the board state more tilted in our favor, but make sure Uril has Indestructibility beforehand!

    • For those esper players, we have Insist. Uril can do without it, but to avoid an untimely and bitter Spell Crumple on one of our important supporting creatures, just play that shit anyway!...unless Insist is countered. That would suck.

    • Open the Armory is a nifty little tutor that snags us an equipment or an aura enchantment. Use this guy when you are in a bad spot and need to get Uril something specific quickly.

    • Retether and Replenish can get our enchantments immediately back up and running all in one go, assuming no one Rakdos Charms our graveyard.

    • Tooth and Nail can tutor out (and then put into play when the entwine cost is paid) two creatures, which is imperative to establishing an advantage in the mid-game. Imagine playing Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Linvala, Keeper of Silence both at once for !

    • These utility cards are all good and well, but mistakes happen, counterspells are played - what happens if we goof something up or get outplayed when trying to pull the trigger on one of our combos? Enter Seasons Past. This card can recur whatever we want and as many of them as we need from our graveyard, so long as they have differing CMCs. Better yet, when the card resolves it goes back on the bottom of our library, so if we can Tooth and Nail again, there's the possibility of getting Seasons Past again. If it hasn't been exiled yet, this little number can keep our gears spinning for as long as we can cast it and shuffle our deck.

    That's cool and all, but how do I win?

    Well I'm glad you asked, hypothetical viewer - certainly you're familiar with Aggravated Assault...

    Aggravated Assault is a pretty strong card on its own, but when coupled with Bear Umbra, infinite combat phases can ensue, leading to a win condition! Of course this is easier said than done; one moment of seeing Aggravated Assault on our side of the board should be enough for our opponents to get the idea of what we are trying to pull off. That being said, since this is a voltron deck, simply playing our commander and equipping/enchanting properly should at some point lead to victory.

    Doing some quick math...

    This deck has a total of 21 aura enchantments, meaning that using Uril's passive alone gives him a cumulative buff of +42/+42. Yikes. Again, this buff goes without adding up the extras that come with those 21 auras. Let's talk about what kind of echantment path will be optimal for making sure Uril can become practically unstoppable.

    1. Obviously Indestructibility is a primary objective, aura-wise. It's quite nifty that Uril has hexproof right off the bat, but that doesn't mean he can survive everything.
    2. Unquestioned Authority is next up, seeing as how token decks can give us hell if left uncontested. Even if our commander is indestructible and hexproof, we can still get chumpblocked into oblivion without some evasion.
    3. In that vein of targeted protection, Spectra Ward will patch up any holes that may be left in our defenses. At this point, not much can really touch Uril except a sneaky forced sacrifice.
    4. If a victory has still not been reached at this point, feel free to try bringing out Aggravated Assault and Bear Umbra to truly end the game with a bang.

    And that's the idea! The deck's strategy is pretty simple, all things considered. Just get your commander out as fast as possible and start causing trouble. If you liked the deck, feel free to upvote, and as always if anyone has a suggestion, I'd love to hear your ideas. Happy stalking!


    Updates Add

    Hey folks! First, I wanna' say thanks to all of you that have commented on the deck. The advice that you guys have passed along to me has been wonderful - I really think that the build is better because of the additions ya'll have helped me make.

    Anyway, I decided to spruce up the deck list with custom categories, as well as a maybe-board that now includes all cards I currently have in my possession that will eventually constitute the deck. So far I only have a handful, but as they say: a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. At any rate, anyone viewing this from here on out will be able to keep track of my slow (but steady!) progress towards sweet, sweet deck completion. I have had a lot of fun building, tweaking, and talking about this deck, so I imagine playing with it will be friggin' sick as hell. All in all, that's it on my end...keep it misty out there.

    P.S. Please note that the deck cost is not quite completely accurate; unfortunately the Maybe Board adds card costs to the total deck cost, so the true current cost of the deck is the cost of the Main Board minus the cost of the Maybe Board, just so everyone knows. Hopefully people don’t mistake this deck for an $800 build once the Cards Aquired Board is completed...


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