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In Memory of Plague Rats

Legacy Mono-Black Rats


Rats, rats, and more rats! Hey wait!!! What are you doing to my lands??!!???

Believe it or not, this is actually a 60 card deck! This is so rare for me I just have to brag about it.

I have loved playing Rats (namely Plague Rats) ever since I started playing Magic, way back in Revised / 4th Edition. It wasn't until the Ogre Slumlord came along that a Rat deck became feasible.

I sprinkled in some stuff to mess with lands to try and slow down other non mono-black decks. There are still some cards that will mess with Swamps, but if nothing else, you can always pitch them to make a token copy of Pack Rat.

Pack Rat is the meat of the deck, Marrow-Gnawer is the potatoes, and Ratcatcher is the corn, while the Ogre Slumlord is your favorite beverage, to make a hard to beat meal.

Yes, I know the featured card is a Plague Rat, and none can be found in my deck, but it's spirit is within the deck.

As always, any questions at all; like playing tips, how I play the deck, or even more background on the deck (including previous versions that I made) feel free to ask me.

2020 UPDATE After years of playing the deck, I finally decided to get real with this and make it a more competitive deck. I took out all the cards that are now in the Sideboard. I originally messed with lands, and after deciding it was a douche thing to do, I decided to take out the opponent's maximum hand size. I also previously had ZERO defense for flying creatures: enter Akroma's Memoral and Eldrazi Monument.


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