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This deck has to be one of my favorite Pauper combo's I've seen, but I saw some very clear areas of improvement from his matches with it.

How the deck works:You use Floating-Dream Zubera with a sacrifice outlet like Bloodthrone Vampire or Viscera Seer on the field to draw your deck. On their own, you'll only draw one card. But you're going to use the instant ramp from Cabal Ritual, Culling the Weak, Dark Ritual, to pay for ways of getting it back to the field, like Undying Evil, Supernatural Stamina, Exhume, and Unearth.

Being a combo deck, his greatest problem was getting the pieces. So I adjusted the numbers, but not the cards of his original design to focus on cycling. Shred Memory is ridiculously good in this deck, allowing you to search directly for anything you need, from sac outlets, to your win cons, your draw requirements, even your ramp and exhumes.

The mana base is what I'm working on, and would love some advice with. But I added Barren Moors, and lonely sandbars for cycling. I find that with this deck you can basically win with only a single island and swamp in play thanks to the ramp, so most of the land should just be used to thin the deck and make it more likely to draw your components, or to cycle to draw off top. I was thinking of adding depletion lands... but I'm up to your opinions.

Win Con:The main win combo is using Floating-Dream Zubera + Sac-outlet on field + Supernatural Stamina (or any number of methods the deck has to keep FDZ coming back). Doing this creates essentially an infinite combo of draw, allowing you to get to your Lotus Petals and Ember-Fist Zubera, to deal lethal damage. Another side win-con is using the Floating-Dream Zubera to buff a giant Bloodthrone Vampire for lethal. The sideboard has Ashen-Skin Zubera so you can make an opponent discard their whole hand without casting a spell that can be countered, which is very helpful in the current meta.

I've played around 200 matches so far, and I'm noticing the earliest I can win is 4-5. I want to get that down to 3-4 if possible for competitive play, so lets brainstorm and make this a staple!


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