Heya all,

Here’s my take on a big mana Imoti deck. Primer is still young and will be more detailed as my experience with the deck grows and i refine it.

You can reduce the cost by replacing Yavimaya Hollow with a forest.

I hope you enjoy it!

The deck may look slow with its high average cmc, but trust me it’s a lot faster than it may look. This deck is pretty often really explosive and does build a massive board or even wins out of nowhere. We got massive amounts of ramp and card draw and it’s not uncommon to draw like 70 cards and play them by like turn 6, while also putting 20+ lands into play untapped. The deck has a lot of synergies and the value provided by the cascade mechanic is just insane.

  • You like simic doing dumb stuff

  • You like to play big spells and get free stuff on top

  • You like complex turns and triggered abilities

  • You like explosive turns

  • You’re a Timmy, a Johnny or both

  • You like to keep your turns simple

  • You have a hard time keeping track of multiple triggers at once

  • Your playgroup doesn’t like you to take 15+ minute turns

  • Simic is not your color combination

The deck plays pretty straight forward. Start by ramping your commander out and set up your value engines. You got a lot of expensive spells that reduce their own cost like Ghalta, Primal Hunger, Dig Through Time and others. Those spells are perfect to get out cheap but get a high cmc cascade trigger to get additional free value. Topdeck manipulation like Jace, the Mind Sculptor or Scroll Rack makes sure you hit nice cascade chains, often resulting in getting 3-4 free spells on top of the one you did cast from your hand. It’s pretty easy to snowball into an overwhelming board presence.

Most of the cards are self explanatory, but here are a few not so obvious synergies. List will grow if anything else isn’t clear.

  • Aetherflux Reservoir: This Card has a special interaction with cascade. When you stack the triggers in a way that the cascade resolves before the lifegain trigger does you get the highest life amount for each spell. So if you cascade let’s say from 7 cmc, into 6 and then 5, you won’t get 1+2+3 life. You’ll get 3+3+3 life instead. Combined with the massive amounts of spells you cast each turn this easily can give you 200-300 life a turn and win the game.

  • Kodama of the East Tree: the Card itself is a big value engine. Playing a Ghalta, Primal Hunger for 2 mana and putting an Omniscience into play for free is big value. But it also doubles your amount of land drops since you can put a land into play for every land you play from your hand. Combine this with Rampaging Baloths to put all lands from your hand into play and get a 4/4 for each of them. Add in Tatyova, Benthic Druid and/or Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Strait and you even draw cards for each land on top!

  • Nyxbloom Ancient/Zendikar Resurgent: Mana doublers are great in big mana decks. They also go infinite with Palinchron for infinite mana and infinite cascade triggers. If you add Tidespout Tyrant to that you can bounce all permanents your opponents own.

Combat damage is a thing here, you got a lot of big creatures out fast and can deal massive amounts of combat damage.

Aetherflux Reservoir has proven to be a very strong wincon here.

Bouncing all permanents with Tidespout Tyrant is another method to end the game in your favor.

Akroma's Memorial is another way to win. After a big turn of playing half your deck and getting the rest for free with cascade you can swing with your army and secure the win.

Palinchron goes infinite with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx or any mana doubler/tripler. This gives you infinite cascade for everything below 7 cmc. At some point you get Kodama of the East Tree and can play and untap all your lands. You also cascade sooner or later into Soul of the Harvest or Thunderous Snapper to draw your entire deck and play it with infinite mana. That means infinite life/dmg with Aetherflux Reservoir or a big swing for the win.

Omniscience can end the game. While it doesn’t end the game on its own it usually leads to winning the game the turn it hits the field.

I moved away from classical counters like Mana Drain, Force of Will or Counterspell. While they’re awesome in most decks it’s pretty frustrating to cascade into them. Cryptic Command, Archmage's Charm and Mystic Confluence provide still value if you cascade into them.

That’s about it so far. Upvotes, Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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