Welcome to Zur voltron! This deck's main focus is to buff Zur the Enchanter with auras and crush your helpless opponents! Halt bothersome opponents by tutoring a Reprobation on this commander and a Rule of Law on that combo player (My personal favorite is Stasis: Everyone stops playing while you continue to play cards with Zur!).

THIS IS A BUDGET DECK. A big goal is to keep cost at a minimum, say, under $100. The lower the better. Thank you!

The strategy is as follows:

A big trouble with running voltron is that it only takes one removal to destroy all your work, so we need to protect Zur ASAP. There aren't many enchantments under 3 cmc to choose from, but we'll only need three (especially since we can tutor them with Zur before combat damage is dealt); Indestructible with Timely Ward, Hexproof with Curator's Ward, and Phasing with Vanishing will do the trick.
Of course, part of being annoying is that your opponents can't do anything to you. Unfortunately, there aren't that many traditional pillow fort spells to choose from under 3 cmc, but the few there are happen to be quite powerful: Aura of Silence, Ghostly Prison, Pariah, Story Circle, Web of Inertia. These spells did drive up the price a bit, but I think they are definitely worthwhile. If that wasn't enough, because of the lack of instants, sorceries, and creatures in this deck Energy Field will turn you into a literal gigachad.
We can abuse Zur's ability to tutor cards that punish players for playing cards from hand, and avoid the aforementioned downsides with the same ability. Cards such as Desolation, Rule of Law, and Stasis will do. I added quite a few single removals similar to Banishing Light because of their general low-price and effectiveness against big creatures. Although unlikely, I chose to add removal like Seal of Cleansing in case I got a taste of my own medicine.
Now that Zur and us are safe from harm, we can buff him and win! A good strategy will be to cast buffs from hand (e.g. All That Glitters, Blessing of the Nephilim) while we use Zur to tutor our protection. Phyresis will be an absolute champ in reducing the amount of damage needed to kill an opponent by 11! This in combination with previous buffs should make life at this point a cake walk.
  • There is a nice convenience with Zur, in that his ability can pass over shroud as well as opponents' hexproof (placing an aura on the battlefield does not target, so permanents with shroud and hexproof are fair game). However, I chose not to use shroud auras to protect Zur (e.g. Robe of Mirrors) because we don't want to remove the option of casting auras from hand onto Zur.

  • Admittedly this is a slow deck, but there should be no trouble while we take our time during setup to win the game due to our outstanding protection spells. Unfortunately, enchantment removal is unavoidable without Greater Auramancy. I feel like this won't be that much of an issue, considering most decks can't run extensive amounts of removal without being a detriment to themselves.

  • There are many expensive 3 cmc buffs that just aren't necessary such as Daybreak Coronet and Felidar Umbra. Cards like Daybreak provide higher +/+ which is great and all, but we will need extra time to protect Zur and ourselves using his ability (three turns to protect Zur, and one or two turns for ourselves) so there will be plenty of time to increase his power with cheaper +1/+1 and +2/+2 auras; not to mention the cheaper varieties that already do the same / better job such as All That Glitters and Edge of the Divinity. As for Felidar and the like, many cheaper auras already provide run of the mill abilities (e.g. lifelink, flying etc.) while totem armor isn't necessary having already protected Zur.

  • I included a couple board wipes incase things go south. Winds of Rath and Out of Time will not destroy Zur, though that shouldn't be much of an issue anyway. It is my personal philosophy not to play like you're going to lose, so two makes me feel plenty safe.

  • In this case, I have the same opinion as above for recursion. However, there needs to be enough recursion cards that we will not completely lose hope if our protection spells waltz into the graveyard. Therefore I did not want to invest in expensive cards like Retether and Replenish. I figure six should be enough.

  • Any experienced player knows the importance of draw, and although this deck's schtick is tutoring with Zur we can't rely on just that. There are plenty of good draw spells that we can use with Zur incase we need it. Fortunately I was able to choose some draw spells that doubled as pillowfort / annoyance such as Curse of Verbosity and Ever-Watching Threshold.

  • Again, this is a budget deck designed to be as low-price as possible. As a student, I would like to say I understand the money struggle quite well, however, I also understand that some with more financial flexibility would like to know what other cards could work well. I've included many of the cards I considered in the maybeboard. Note that I did not have a hardcap on any individual card's price, but rather considered its' value in context of how integral it was to the success of the deck. This is why you may see more expensive cards left in, while less expensive cards are left out.

  • If you have made it this far, please consider leaving a "Yooo!!!" below, and perhaps a suggestion. I'll be sure to comment back!



Updates Add

Important stuff The maybeboard has been reorganized in leu of the nature of this deck. There is now an "out of five" ranking system where 1 is the most competitive and 5 is the most trolly. I've added quite a few more cards I've found whilst searching the interwebs and I have to say there are some really high potential memes/politics out there (looking at you, War Tax).

Rant Zur is definitely a casual, meme deck that can act high power if necessary. Having played it a while now, I can definitely say that there isn't much need for the "pillowfort / annoyance" section necessarily. I usually just reach a point in casual games that it wouldn't be nice to everyone else if I immediately won, so I end up playing some of my annoyance cards in the meantime. It is especially fun to play politics and shenanigans with Zur, since he is a toolbox to most of your library. I honestly think this deck would be no fun without meme cards simply because voltron is so incredibly straightforward.


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