Welcome and thanks for checking out my take on Rafiq.

It's a pretty solid and well rounded decklist IMHO and performs really great so far. You find all the stuff you ever need or wanted to really put pressure on the opponent while keeping yourself safe the same time thanks to protection.

To boost your offensive powers you got plenty of auras and equips, as well as exalted permanents or anthem effects for your commander. Not as much as other lists but enough to get 1-2 on your commander consistently the turn after your commander hits the field. Even without your boosters Rafiq is a 3-turn-clock, but the majority of games he only takes 2 hits to kill the first opponent and is likely to one-shot 1 or sometimes even 2 opponents the following turn.

To protect your commander you got some nice counterspells, some of them bring some more utility. Equips and auras to boost Rafiq usually come with additional protection and/or evasion, like indestructible, hexproof, color protection, unblockable, flying etc to keep Rafiq save and avoid blockers.

The deck runs really great in terms of consistency, but sometimes players team up against you and the game tends to be longer. In case this happens and things go horribly wrong, there’s also a nice lategame package to bring yourself back to the game or to slow down or deny opponents gameplan.

Hope you liked the deck so far, some more description will follow if there’s some interest in the deck.

Comments, upvotes and suggestions are welcome. No infinite or instant-win combos please.


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