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I'm (NOT) in love with the coco (Werewolves)

Modern Aggro RG (Gruul) Theme/Gimmick Tribal Werewolf


There is an exhaustive thread at mtgsalvation called modern coco//vial werewolves meant to address the challenge of WW deck building. I gleaned a few principles from this thread and others to hopefully create a rock solid deck for kitchen table games. One fellow mentioned that one drop werewolves may be somewhat of a waste, so all of my doggies are 2 or 3 drops. Birds of Paradise is an auto include mana dork, despite the break from the flavor they are essential to keep that mana flowing. There was universal agreement that Immerwolf with +1/+1 to all wolves and werewolves, Mayor of Avabruck   who buffs humans and when flipped buffs wolves and werewolves on top of gifting us with a wolf token and Geier Reach Bandit   with Haste and when flipped flips other werewolves who join the fray were essential in every WW deck. I chose to include Spirit of the Hunt to offset being bolted/flame slashed, this is also the reason for Howlpack Resurgence on top of including higher toughness creatures like Hanweir Watchkeep   who is 1/5 (Albeit Defender) and 5/5 on the flip side and Eidolon of Rhetoric who himself comes with the added benefit of reducing everyone to casting only one spell per turn, clutch. Kruin Outlaw   The first strike and the double strike upon flipping is pretty sweet Dryad Arbor functions as a chump should I require to block a big hitter who doesn't have trample, she is an experiment in this regard hence I have only 1 of her in the deck. Kessig Wolf Run allows for some nice trampling options should the opportunity arise, in conjunction with Howpack Resuregence one should manage to get some damage done. Rootbound Crag is a must have for any gruul deck regardless of tribe. I wanted so much to include Ulrich of the Krallenhorde   but I found that if I draw him with coco he just gets passed up and that is a valuable slot someone else could be filling. I am considering adding Aether Vial in here somewhere but right now I am focused on the Coco. I want to crack the werewolf deck and am seeking help doing so here, all and any input is appreciated :-)


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Well quite a bit has changed with this deck, it turns out that hinging your blend on collected company is not a solid approach when it comes to werewolf tribal. I did not add aether vial to coco as I felt it would be more of the same, and from what I have read that unfortunately is accurate. I think part of the problem is that the linear nature of a COCO deck combined with the more or less squishy nature of werewolves makes it really tough to create a winning scenario. So I have resorted to a combination of werewolves and wolves combined with some token generation to create what appears to be a solid list.


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