Have you ever felt relief when you see the blue player tap out?

Have you ever felt your stomach drop when that same blue player plays a free counter spell?

What if every turn was that same feeling for you?

Well here's the deck that's trying to get you to cycle through those emotions.

At least the guy playing it will be having fun.

The whole point of the deck is to play something big and flashy on your turn, triggering your commanders.

That big and flashy spell could be a damage doubler/tripler or an X spell.

Then as your tapped out cast a free spell and still get the damage off of it.

Fiery emancipation and dictate of the twin gods are amazing for making the game go quicker. Torment of hailfire & exsanguinate and great to take out whole swaths of health also... And that's just on YOUR turn.

Horizon Stone is great for when you didn't need to use interaction in a turn cycle and want to put some mana into savings for one of those rainy day kind of turns.

Neheb, the Eternal is a great payoff for all of your shenanigans.

Bolas's Citadel is amazing for obvious reasons. If your going to hurt your self for casting spells, at least find solace in the fact that your opponents are too.

A well politically played Game Plan can be almost free on your turn, but you still get 6 damage out of it per commander.

Treasure cruise, and time spiral are essentially free spells on your turn and it leaves you with enough mana to interact with your opponents... If you even need the mana.

Blasphemous act is 18 damage usually just going wherever. Sure your commanders will probably die, but hey you probably just accidentally killed someone.

Not including Sakashima we have three other clones that have upside.

Spark double doesn't care if Sakashima is out. Phyrexian Metamorph can copy powerful artifacts in a pinch. Clever Impersonator.

I'm a bit of pessimist so I've included as many fetch lands as I can along with crucible of worlds... And 17 forms of ramp.... The only one that costs three mana is Jeska's will.... The rest are 2, 1 or 0.

Also, really just for fun, I've included two miracle cards, Reforge the Soul and Temporal Mastery. Taking an extra turn AND dealing seven(x) damage is hilarious.

Since we do have a few draw spells for everyone, we have Narset and Notion Thief just in case we get to friendly with our friends. We're the bad guy this game and they need to be reminded of that.

We have 7 spells that are just straight up free and 8 spells that either make itself essentially free through untapping lands, making treasures, you adding mana, etc.

The opponents you're playing against that have seen the deck will always expect the one free spell in your hand... but almost never will they expect the second.

Anyway, have fun blaming your opponents deaths on "RNG" while you have fun giving your buddies trust issues.


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