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If You Feed a Kathril a Cookie (It Will Grow)

Commander / EDH BGW (Abzan, Junk) Voltron


Hello all! It seems like almost forever ago when I came across Kathril's precon deck in the store. Ever since I've found the deck I've always been extremely interested in Kathril's effect, so I decided to try as best as possible to focus on the deck! Now the precon has a lot of cards that could be taken out, and I've also feel it's really pointless to try to add so many keyword soup creatures, many of them aren't great and I find having the exact specific few cards in the graveyard nets you the wins anyways, so I decided to trim the deck down a bit on that. What this does try to focus on is getting said key creatures in the graveyard ASAP so Kathril can get set up quick. Having said that, I tried to balance the deck to a degree in offense and defense, as losing Kathril can be annoying, and even though I have an Ozolith inside the deck already, I would like to try and keep myself well protected anyways. But, without further ado, here's the deck!


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Took out Grizzly Salvage and replaced with Grim Tutor


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