Ill start off with the Cards in this deck that aren't apart of a specific combo and that's Iroas, God of Victory but let's face it, he works with Boros too well to not have him!

I'll start with the biggest combo of the deck and that's the Creature subtype; Soldier. Preeminent Captain can pull out every creature in my hand tapped and attacking, without paying its mana cost! Obviously Field Marshal buffs all my creatures once they are on the field (no pun intended) with not just +1/+1 but also first strike. Another field buff is Captain of the Watch with another +1/+1 buff but this time Vigileance instead. Not only that but being able to bring out 3 Soldier Tokens who start 1/1 but become 2/2 with just her buff is nasty when you consider her (not her tokens) being able to be on the field and attack turn 4 with Captain of the Watch + Preeminent Captain combo. Brimaz, King of Oreskos being able to potentially pull out a 1/1 Cat Soldier every turn (once attacking, once blocking) is nasty when you combo them with the Soldier buffs.

Now for the Creature subtype; Human combo. 11/29 Creatures in this deck are not human, but I've already covered the purpose of 8 of those. Champion of the Parish + Thalia's Lieutenant are essentially the same self buff for counters earned whenever a human enters the battlefield. Considering I have 18 creature cards that are human... it will be happening constantly! Now the combo of Hanweir Garrison adding two more humans to the field everytime he attacks is insane. The incredible thing about Thalia's Lieutenant though is you don't lose out on her potential if you play her after multiple humans are already on the field.

Last, my creature combo from Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit. She literally combos with everything. Anytime a creature comes into play something is getting a +1/+1 counter. Giving every token a counter when it enters the battlifield is pretty deadly.

This deck is aggressive, obviously. I doubt many decks have the potential of being faster than this. I'm not afraid to leave myself open because of Deflecting Palm being able to redirect one of my oppenants big hitters. It will make them think twice about attacking me when I've got the mana and a card in hand. If they have big blockers I've got Ride Down to not only get through, but strong removal and prevent my creatures from getting hurt or killed. Another protection for my creatures is in Boros Charm

Let me know what you think, is love suggestions and ideas before I go drop at least $100 making the deck.


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I moved Iroas, God of Victory to the side board realizing that there are only certain deck types that he will actually be useful against and I would get more benefit from Ballyrush Banneret in most situations. Removed Valorous Stance from the side board.


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